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Stuart Moore was one of the best amateur bowlers in the CLL for many years, and was certainly one of the best I faced during my time in the CLL when he was part of a powerful Oldham side.

He has been a member of the inter-league side, played for Derbyshire seconds and has more recently been playing for Heyside in the Saddleworth League.

He makes his debut for Heywood against Walsden on Saturday, and he will bring some real experience and skill with bat and ball to the side.

Here, Stuart gives his reasons for coming to Heywood, what he brings to the side, and explains why a bit of silverware will do just nicely.

How have you come to have arrived at Heywood?

I have been friends with Bobby Cross for as long as he has represented Heywood 1st Team and made a promise during a league side game many years ago that before I pack in playing that I would have at least one season playing with him at Heywood.

How would you describe yourself as a player?

Medium pace accurate seam bowler and middle/lower middle order aggressive batsman – others might determine that as being a slogger and I’m sure some of the Heywood terrace faithful have used that particular description in their banter when I’ve been in opposition.

What do you think you can offer Heywood?

I would like to think that I can offer the younger bowlers in the team some advice and guidance based upon the knowledge and experiences that I have picked up as a bowler over the last 20 years of playing first team cricket. I would also like to think that I will still be able to contribute to team’s performance with both bat and ball.

I’m sure if you ask Bobby he will say that the biggest contribution I can offer Heywood is possibly the finest array of toiletries in my shower bag.

Have you always been aware of the club’s strong support?

As a opposition player you are always aware that when you play at Crimble you are always going to be subject to the “banter” aimed at you from the terrace, however I’ve always got on well with the Heywood supporters and have always looked forward to coming down to play and having a laugh with them….. Dare I say that I have even been treated to a few beers from John Farrar? On a serious note it’s always nice to play in front of a supportive crowd that appreciates the game especially when so many clubs are struggling. They are a credit to the club as a whole.

Why have you not played so far this season?

Unfortunately, eight weeks ago I had a accident that resulted in a number of injuries including a fractured skull and numerous other facial fractures so I have just been recovering. I have managed to a have a few nets with differing success but just want to get back playing as soon as I can. It might take me a few games to get back into the swing of things but hopefully I can do this as soon as possible.

On a separate note, I would also just like to thank all the players and members who have offered their best wishes during my recovery.

Looking at the current situation, with just over a quarter of the season gone, what do you think Heywood can achieve in 2013?

I think it’s been a very good start from the lads already both in the 1st & 2nd teams respectively. I’m not one to make bold predictions, however as long as all the players keep performing in the same manor that they have been doing thus far, keep listening to the captain(s) and club professional then come September hopefully Heywood will be in the mix for the title(s).

How long do you see yourself possibly carrying on playing the game you love?

It’s difficult to say with work commitments and potential injuries but only when you are away from the game do you realise how much you miss it & especially the dressing room camaraderie.

And some background …

What and who motivated you to start playing cricket?

My Dad has always been a avid watcher and in the past was heavily involved with Oldham CC,  I was always there as a young child and was fortunate enough to be around the club in the era of some of the great pros such as Larry Gomes, Franklin Stephenson, Carl Rackerman & Joel Garner. Oldham also had a great youth set up at the time, all my friends and I played for the juniors so it was just second nature really.

Which clubs have you played for, and what have been the high points?

Heywood will be the 5th  league side that I have played for, I have been fortunate to play for and captain Oldham & Werneth in the CLL, represent Skelmanthorpe in the Huddersfield League and most recently been a part of Heyside in the SDCL where I have enjoyed a great 4 years.

In the past I have represented Lancashire at Junior Level as well as playing for Derbyshire in a few 2nd team games, I have also represented the CLL league side on numerous occasions.

I haven’t really won many team  honours in the game; I have only ever won the Tanner Cup & T20 cup whilst representing Heyside so it would be nice if I could add some other silver wear to a sparse collection.

I have been lucky enough to have played with some great pros, very good league players and made a lot of friends through the game. If I was put on the spot to name some of the best players I have played with and against I would have to say Gerrie Liebenberg ranks as the best all-round club pro I have ever played with and Gus Logie as the best batsman that I have ever bowled against whilst playing in the CLL.There are plenty of others that I could bore you with however those 2 players are the ones that stick out in my memory.

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