HCC Officials, Managers And Coaches



President:  Bob Cross

Chairman: John Rhodes

Vice Chairman: Mike Law

Committee Members: Yvonne Caveney, Jean O’Keefe, Steve McHugh, Gwen Edwards, Rick Purser, Matt Hilton, Bobby Cross, &  Roger Smethurst

Cricket Chairman: Roger Smethurst

Junior Cricket Chairman: Matt Hilton

Secretary and acting temporary Treasurer: Gwen Edwards

Subscription Secretary: Yvonne Caveney

Treasurer:  Vacant

Match Secretary & Junior Cricket Co-ordinator: Gwen Edwards

Child Welfare Officers: Roger Smethurst & Gwen Edwards

ClubMark Administrator: Matt Hilton

Bar Consultant: Nigel Walch


Bar: John Rhodes, Chairman, & Bob Cross

Finance: Bob Cross (Chairman), John Rhodes, Rick Purser & Gwen Edwards

House: Keith Caveney & Bobby Cross

Millennium Club: David Fare – Promoter – Jean O’Keefe – Administrator

Press Officer: Steve McHugh

Fundraising: Bobby Cross

Webmasters: Scott McHugh, Bobby Cross & Steve McHugh

Ground: Rick Purser (Chairman) Roger Smethurst, Dave Blundell & Keith Caveney

Match Committee: Mike Law (Chairman) John Rhodes, Jean O’Keefe, Eleanor Law, & Dennis Booth.

League Reps: David Fare, Bobby Cross & Keith Warren

Junior Cricket: Matt Hilton (Chairman), Mikey Grogan (Vice Chairman), Steve McHugh, Gwen Edwards, Lesley Morley and all the junior coaches and team managers.

Social: Lesley Morley, Allison Daley, Cathy Freeman, Mikey Grogan , Paula Goodall, Angie & Mike Jackson, Nicola Parker, Becky & Jane Padgett, Sam Taylor, Marilyn Warren  Alec & Bernie Witts


U18:       Rob Morley  tel 07747 622970; email robert.morley@exp.com

U15:       Alec Witts tel 07917 166358; email b.witts@sky.com

U13:       Mike Jackson tel 07583 417958; email jacko12934@googlemail.com  and Paul Carter tel 07879 623804; email paulcarter89@btinternet.com

U11:       Stuart Russell tel 07973 288662;  email russellstuarta@aol.com and Matt Hilton tel 07436 838961;  email matthewhilton@nhs.com

U9:         Dan O’Connell tel  07770 736759; email dan.oconnell@wyg.com


U 18: Travis Townsend & Danny Pawson, assisted by Bob Dearden & Rob Morley. Contact: Danny Pawson     07950 454819

U 15:      Travis Townsend & Danny Pawson, assisted by Bob Dearden & Rob Morley. Contact: Danny Pawson     07950 454819

U 13:      Sean Burrill & Bobby Cross, assisted by Mikey Grogan. Contact: Sean Burill  07541 600223  and Bobby Cross  07809 894324

U 11:      Matt Hilton & John Heywood. Contact: Matt Hilton 07436 838961

U 9:        Jane  & Leon Padgett (TBC). Contact: Jane Padgett  07775 776054


1st X1:   Danny Pawson

2nd X1: Mikey Grogan

3rd X1:  Dominick Fawcett

Professional & Club Coach: Travis Townsend

Bowling Coach: Bob Dearden

Club Coaches:   Sean Burrill, Bobby Cross, Kate Cross, Bob Dearden, Matt Hilton, Rob Morley, Danny Pawson, Jane & Leon Padgett, Tom Blundell

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a members of an archery group which is a national organisation with local presence in Bury. We have been sent information from the Sports and Recreation organisation advising that we should set up a procedure to monitor and keep secure the personal information of our members. Known as GDPR, this is to become a legal requirement.
    I wondered whether Heywood Cricket Club has had to go through this procedure as well for its own members? Or whether you have gained some exclusion or deferment?

    Best wishes,


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