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Heywood Cricket Club is a great location and venue for any function, especially in light of its quiet location and great facilities for youngsters. The lounge, bar and toilets are all recently refurbished providing a perfect setting for your occasion.

As well as a spacious clubhouse with a well-stocked bar – John Willie Lees bitter and Moretti lager among the beers and a selection of wines – we have a small but excellent kitchen and plenty of room to lay out a buffet for any occasion. We have Sky TV, a dance floor and a well-furnished back room.

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We have excellent access for those with disabilities or for the elderly at Heywood Cricket Club and have toilet facilities for the disabled and changing facilities for young children.

It costs as little as £75 to hire the club, with a £50 deposit returnable if no damage is done to the venue. There may be additional costs should you require larger numbers of serving staff or you require use of the kitchen. Please enquire with us and we will be happy to help.

You can contact the club on 01706 369146 to discuss your requirements, including bar staffing, catering and entertainment and we will be glad to work with you to make sure your event goes well.


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  1. hello were planning a baptsim for our son on the 19th august how much would it cost to hire the function room from about 3pm till about 10pm?
    with bar staff

    How much is a DJ threw you as well?


  2. That’s a first-team fixture day and we don’t take bookings for those days.
    For a full list of fixtures click here

  3. could you tell me how much it would be for sat 28th july for everything and can u tell me how meny does it hold and what time is last orders thank you

  4. Vicky, you will have to contact Andrea, our Steward, on 369146.

  5. Hi
    I was wondering if i could book the function room on 16th September?
    My daughter is being christened and i would like the party at your function room afterwards if possible


  6. Hi Laura. You would have to phone the steward Andrea on 369146 on a Tuesday evening or Saturday and Sunday

  7. i am looking to book a 13th birthday party on april the 13th could you tell me if this date if free

  8. Hi – you’ll have to phone the club on 369146. You can phone tonight or Saturday evening or Sunday evening

  9. Hi have rung the telephone no on Saturday the 02/03/13 and have left message but as yet no reply. Just need to know if there is any availability for Saturday evening 06/04/13 for my daughters 18th. Thanks Carol

  10. Hi can you tell me the best time to ring so as to check availability for a 18th party

  11. Hi there – sorry for not replying to everyone. Please phone from 7.30pm on a Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday. During summer opening times may vary

  12. My friend wants to hire cricket club for this fri day how does she get in touch if its not open thanks kay Hamill no 01706 364582 or contact on facebook

  13. I am enquiring if the club is available to hire on 14th December 2013, for my sons wedding reception. he is a serving Royal Marine and therefore it is difficult for him to arrange dates. I need to know how many the club holds etc

    M. Thomas

  14. Hi, Can you give Andrea (the Stewardess) a call on 01706 369146 and she will have the diary to check for you.

    She will be at the club from 6pm tomorrow (Saturday) and similar on Sunday.


  15. Hi,

    I’m part of the University of Manchester Cricket Club. Speaking to my chairman, I understand that you would like to organise a friendly with your 1st XI and 2nd XI playing our 1st XI and 2nd XI. Ideally, we would like to be either on the following dates, 27th April (this is the preferred one) 30th of April or the 2nd of May.

    Would it be possible for us to go to yours also?

    Kind regards

    Rory Thomas
    University of Manchester Cricket Club
    Fixtures secretary

  16. Hi

    Please can you advise the cost to hire the function room on Sat 13th of Sept 2014 for a 40th

    Are you able to provide a price for a DJ


  17. Please could you let me know if it is possible to hire the Cricket club function room on Sunday 28th December for a Christening Party

  18. Hi Liz, you will need to contact Andrea at the club, best time to call would be Tuesday evening around 7.30 as the club is open at that time.

    01706 369146

    Thanks, Bobby

  19. Looking for 13 September 2015.. Is this date free and how much tried to ring

  20. Hi Natasha, the bar will be open this evening from around 7pm if you can give them a call or pop down and discuss whether that date is free, the diary is behind the bar

  21. Hi i would like to book the club for my 30th birthday on sat 16th july 2016. Please can you let me know if this date is free and how much.

    Many thanks
    Rachael higgins

  22. Hi Rachael, can you call Andrea at the club tomorrow after 5pm and she will let you know whether the diary is free for that night. Number at club is 01706369146

  23. Hi can you tell me if you have the 7th November free for hire for an engagement party, and how many can you accommodate.

    Regards sue

  24. Hi Susan,

    Saturday 7th November is the club’s annual bonfire night so we are unable to offer the room that night I am sorry. If you want to check with Andrea at the club about other dates she can be contacted on 01706 369146 on Saturday after 6pm.


  25. How much would it cost to throw a birthday party on a Friday for my 13th year old daughter!

  26. How much would it cost to throw w birthday party on a Friday night for my 13 year old daughter? There would be a bout 60′people. Could you tell us how much it would be with and without a DJ please.

  27. My daughter is 13 in the summer and we was wondering how much it would be to hire the cricket club for a Friday night. There would be about 65 people. How much would it be with and without a DJ.

  28. Hi

    Please could you tell me if your function room is available for hire on either 12th March 2016 or 19th March 2016?

    Thank you

  29. Hi guys, can you give the club a call or pop down on Tuesday evening from 7.30pm and our stewardess will be happy to check the diary for you and let you know the cost of the room hire.


  30. When is the best time to call the club? I have tried calling for a few days now and never got any answer

    Thank you for your help!

  31. Hi Abbie,

    The stewardess will be down this evening from around 7pm if you want to give her a call,

    Thanks :-)

  32. Hi looking to book a christening function on 1st May 2016 is the room available?
    Thanks stacey

  33. Hi Stacey, if you call our stewardess on the number on the website she will be able to advise whether the club is free :-)

  34. Hi I’ve booked the room for the 23rd for a 21st and I’m ringing & ringing to pay some money and no one is answering? Is there any other contact numbers

  35. Hi Lauren,

    If you can call the club tomorrow evening from 7.30pm (Thursday) there will be someone available to speak to about the booking, the landline number is 01706 369146


  36. Hi
    I’m really trying to get in touch with this place to hold my sons christening but really getting no where and I’ve been calling all week at all sorts of time and trying like ten times each time.
    Also as you can see, my last comment is still waiting moderation whatever that mean so can you please tell me a specific time I can call or at least contact me via my email?
    Thank you

  37. Message for David Fare to contact me on 01925 596444 in regard to a
    Sport Feature in Bury Times on 18th August.
    With The Olympics in full swing it will be a great time for our readers to
    get involved and take up a new sport or pastime

    Many Thanks

    Andy Haslam
    Bury Times

  38. I was wondering if you had any availability on August 27th?

  39. Seems some people cannot get through to check on availability.

    If anybody wanting to hire the club they can come down on a Saturday or a Sunday between 1-5pm and would almost certainly get some answers.

    Or call between those hours at a weekend as the bar is open then.

  40. To make the hiring of the club easier for everyone, we have a dedicated phone line especially for this purpose. The number is on the left hand side of the website’s

  41. Is there an email address to write to in case the phone is not answered?

    Ta. Bob

  42. Hi Bob, the club secretary, Gwen Edwards is the best point of contact. [email protected]

  43. Hi

    Could is the room available on Sunday 29th October for a christening party from 1pm to 7pm?


  44. Hi

    Please can we book the cricket club for Emily’s 18th on Saturday 23rd June 2018.

    Let me know what we need to do next.



  45. Hello

    I am arranging my sister’s baby shower for Sunday 12th August and was wondering if you could give me some prices for a room. There will be around 20 people for 12-3pm.

    Thank you

  46. Hi Naomi, if you can ring the club they will be able to help with the prices, alternatively if you message via our Facebook page someone will be able to help out…

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