Our Core Values




At Heywood, we think that it is important for our Club to have a set of shared values. A set of principles that run through the club from the youngest member to the oldest and with which we can be identified. Cricket is widely recognised as not just a sport or a game, but also a very positive influence for good in peoples’ lives. The things that make a person valued in cricket also make them valued in life. Things like a positive attitude, hard work, honesty, fairness and a respect for others.

We have reflected upon this quite hard as we have rejuvenated our Junior Section over the last few years. We realised that we had the opportunity not just to teach the game of cricket, but also to help develop young people as individuals through the game. However, we think Heywood has always done this – it’s in the history of the club and the town.

When we considered the values that were most important to us and those which we wished to pass on to the next generation we settled on the following:-

  • friendship
  • integrity
  • respect
  • a positive attitude
  • commitment & effort

So this is the kind of Club we want to be, and also the Club we think we are moving towards, a club that:-


  • is welcoming & focused upon being inclusive & family friendly
  • is approachable & informal in its style
  • has a lively social scene
  • promotes the importance of cricket as fun


  • encourages participation & involvement at all ages & levels
  • encourages and rewards effort, not just results
  • encourages & thanks coaches, officials & other volunteers for what they do



  • priortises safety, quality & consistency in coaching
  • ensures that all coaches are appropriately qualified
  • properly plans & reviews all activities
  • keeps a comprehensive & up to date member database

Good at Communicating

  • ensures communication to all members is good – via the website, email & social media
  • ensures age groups connect well with each others, older players are encouraged to help younger players
  • encourages youngsters to support the Adult teams

Community Orientated

  • reaches out to the local community and gives something back to youth organisations, schools, community groups, voluntary groups
  • endeavours to reduce the burden on the local NHS Trust and the Police


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  1. Congratulations on your inspired promotion of Kate Cross – I played in a local team in Sheffield in the 1980s that played with two women in the side – we collectively weren’t that good but we had a great time – Cricket a sport that woman can play at the highest level – if only men let them

    well done Heywood

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