Senior Fixtures 2019

DATE 1st XI 2nd XI 3rd XI
Saturday 6th April
Sunday 7th April Middleton (H) Fr
Saturday 13th April Lancs U19 (H) Fr
Sunday 14th April Middleton (H) Fr
Saturday 20th April Denton West (A) Oldham (H)
Sunday 21st April Egerton (A)
Saturday 27th April Moorside (A) Werneth (H)
Sunday 28th April Greenmount (H)
Saturday 4th May Glossop (H) Saddleworth (A)
Sunday 5th May Whalley Range (A) CUP Bamford Fieldhouse (A)
Monday 6th May
Friday 10th May Glodwick (H) T20
Saturday 11th May Swinton Moorside (A) Denton St L (H)
Sunday 12th May ELPM (H)
Saturday 18th May Unsworth (H) Unsworth (A)
Sunday 19th May
Friday 24th May Heyside (A) T20
Saturday 25th May Austerlands (A) Springhead (H)
Sunday 26th May
Monday 27th May
Friday 31st May Greenfield (H) T20
Saturday 1st June Brooksbottom (H) Denton (A)
Sunday 2nd June Dukinfield (H) CUP
Friday 7th June Moorside (A) T20
Saturday 8th June Denton (A) Dukinfield (H)
Sunday 9th June Denton (A) CUP
Saturday 14th June Royton (H) T20
Saturday 15th June Uppermill (H) Flowery Field (A)
Sunday 16th June
Friday 21st June Stayley (A) T20
Saturday 22nd June Flowery Field (A) Glodwick (H)
Sunday 23rd June Astley Bridge (A)
Saturday 29th June Glodwick (H) Stand (A)
Sunday 30th June
Saturday 6th July Denton West (H) Oldham (A)
Sunday 7th July Brooksbottom (H)
Saturday 13th July Moorside (H) Werneth (A)
Sunday 14th July Egerton (H)
Saturday 20th July Glossop (A) Saddleworth (H)
Sunday 21st July
Saturday 27th July Swinton Moorside (H) Denton St L (A)
Sunday 28th July Greenmount (A)
Saturday 3rd August Unsworth (A) Unsworth (H)
Sunday 4th August Bamford Fieldhouse (H)
Saturday 10th August Austerlands (H) Springhead (A)
Sunday 11th August ELPM (A)
Saturday 17th August Brooksbottom (A) Denton (H)
Sunday 18th August
Saturday 24th August Denton (H) Dukinfield (A)
Sunday 25th August Astley Bridge (H)
Saturday 31st August Uppermill (A) Flowery Field (H)
Sunday 1st Sept
Saturday 7th Sept Flowery Field (H) Glodwick (A)
Sunday 8th Sept Brooksbottom (A)
Saturday 14th Sept Glodwick (A) Stand (H)
Sunday 15th Sept

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  1. Hi what time do the matches start?

  2. Graham:
    First team matches currently start at 1pm, second team at 1.30pm and third team on Sundays at 2pm.

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