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A fitting finale for Chris Kaye

A fitting finale for Chris Kaye

If Sunday’s win over Royton does prove to be the final first-team game for Chris Kaye, it couldn’t be a more fitting way to bow out.

Kaye was treated to an impromptu and (for many of the members of the patio, at least) an emotional guard of honour when he exited the Crimble pitch after taking the final wicket to fall in Royton’s innings of 175. Although nothing official has been confirmed, everyone suspected this would be Kaye’s final first team match and it didn’t disappoint a home support who have enjoyed his commitment to his one and only club and his skills as a left-arm slow bowler.

CKAYE4aa0001He had been brought on to wrap up the stubborn visiting side’s innings, and did so in typical style when Smith chipped a ball to pro Tom Cullen at short cover, then he lured Denny Hulme into a wild swipe which was snaffled with ease at extra cover by long-time captain and friend Bobby Cross.

Cross’ delight at being in on Kaye’s final wicket was evident, and apt. Cross has been involved in many of Kaye’s wickets over the bowler’s 25-year plus career and, as captain during Heywood’s most successful ever spell, has stood side-by-side with Kaye against the best opposition in the CLL and Lancashire.

It meant Kaye finished with four wickets to his name, left him in pole position to end the season as the leading wicket-taker in the CLL in 2014, and moved him on to 883 first-team dismissals and clear at the top of the Crimble wicket-taking list. No one could begrudge Kaye a sense of immense satisfaction when walking off the pitch, and there were almost tears shed by some long-time supporters as he walked up the steps.

A peerless century from Bobby Cross

A peerless century from Bobby Cross

If this wasn’t special enough, the cake was iced by another superlative performance with the bat from Cross. While Kaye has been the top Heywood bowler in history, Cross is the club’s top amateur batsman and arguably the best amateur never to have played for Lancashire.

The pair are Heywood’s most decorated players, and Cross again showed he is peerless among English amateurs as he hit a faultless, calm and imperious century to chase down the target of 176 despite batsmen falling all around him and Heywood plunging to 40-5 – of which, at that stage, Cross had scored 31.

Like Kaye, Cross was treated to rapturous applause from his fans, and respectful applause from opposition players and fans, as he walked in to end an emotional game on a huge high for Heywood.

While it was understandable that these two players and their achievements should dominate proceedings, there were other notable performances on a lively Sunday at Crimble that saw former chairmen of Heywood CC wait on for Ladies Day.

Riley Paterson brought to an end his time as Heywood overseas with a superb spell of bowling. He took 3-36 off 12 overs, including the key wicket of visiting pro Pieter Malan, and his second spell brought Heywood back into the game with Royton set for a score of 200 plus with Malan and Durose going well at 147-4 after putting on 80 for the fifth wicket.

The target of 175 was always going to be a tough ask, and became seemingly impossible as Heywood’s top order were routed by Malan. They were reduced to 40-5, with Cross just needing someone to bat with him as he was majestic off his legs and straight down the ground.

Valuable runs from Wes Hunt

Valuable runs from Wes Hunt

He found the ally he needed in Wes Hunt, who finally showed the talent many know he has after a tough season with the bat.

Hunt played straight and with patience, and helped Cross put on 103 for the sixth wicket in hitting his highest first-team score of 41 before he was comically/tragically run out when he thought a ball had crossed for a boundary and ambled back to his crease. But his work had been done, he’d proved he had the guts for the fight and can now look forward to much more of the same next season.

It was left to Cross to take Heywood home and bring up another century for Heywood to move him past 1,100 runs for the campaign.

So the curtain was brought down on another season at Heywood, with the two top amateurs in Heywood’s history playing a key role.

It’s unlikely the club will see another one-club legend emerge like Kaye or Cross, players who have come through the youth ranks and stayed loyal while showing such talent.

There are few such players dotted around Lancashire now, and with the lure of money and the pressures of modern life, it’s doubtful many players will dedicate themselves to the cause like Kaye, and latterly Cross, have done.

Finally, huge well done to Chris from me, as a former team-mate and friend and someone who has proved to be a real class act over the years. As a performer, there is no doubt his skills are still razor sharp but nothing lasts forever and he bows out as a bowler who would still walk into every side in the CLL.
T Walsh c Cullen b S Dawson 0
L Mason c Thulborn b Kaye 25
K Hussain c Lovell b Paterson 5
A Durose c Cullen b Kaye 31
P Malan c Cullen b Paterson 49
L Brown b Paterson 4
C Joy b Lovell 4
D Hulme c Cross b Kaye 10
C Porteous c and b Lovell 0
M Smith c Cullen b Kaye 1
A Good not out 4
Extras 10
Total (48.5 overs) 175
Fall of wickets: 1-0, 2-6, 3-63, 4-67, 5-147, 6-154, 7-163, 8-163, 9-167, 10-175
S Dawson 9-1-39-1, Paterson 15-2-36-3, Kaye 11.5-3-50-4, Lovell 13-1-48-2
R Cross not out 106
B Thulborn b Malan 0
D Latham c Hussain b Malan 0
T Cullen c Hussain b Malan 0
D Pawson c Walsh b Malan 4
S Burrill lbw b Good 4
W Hunt run out 41
R Paterson c Good b Durose 5
J Lovell not out 4
Extras 13
Total (for 7 wkts, 48.5 overs) 177
Fall of wickets: 1-2, 2-9, 3-13, 4-31, 5-40, 6-143, 7-172
Bowling: Good 0-1-36-1 Malan 13-3-27-4, Smith 4-0-17-0, Porteous 6-0-31-0, Brown 5-0-15-0, Durose 6-2-14-1, Walsh 5-1-38-0


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  7 Responses to “Kaye Bows Out On High As Cross Ices Cake”

  1. Absolutely fantastic Chris and Bobby – two fabulous servants to the club and we are so lucky to have them with us – wish I had been there to witness the game.
    Chris – don’t do it – you clearly have so much to give – body permitting please keep going – 1000 is within reach!

  2. It was a joyous day on Sunday. I am glad I was in attendance on the patio.

    Incredible scenes and a really good 5 point win.

    It was written in the stars for Chris taking the 9th and 10th wicket there is no chance Bobby was ever dropping the catch off Chris for the last wicket can you imagine!!!

    Then it has to be said one of the finest knocks of the season…. Well played Wes Hunt!!.

    Only Joking Crossy an absolute masterclass of batting on crimble to take your season tally to 1100+ runs.

  3. I would just like to say well done and thanks also to Riley Patterson.

    That young man has been an absolute credit to the game – he has never shown any less than 100% effort and commitment in every game he played for the club.

    we are lucky to have had some cracking lads as overseas in recent years and Riley is right up there as a top cricketer and a top bloke.

    Good luck Riley and safe trip home. I hope we see you again soon.

  4. Great reporting Scoop.

    Sadly I missed most of CK’s spell and Bobby’s knock as I was slaving over a hot sink cleaning up after several ladies who were much worse for wear (one in particular).
    Not so sure about the tears scoop! however another immaculate performance from Chris, he can be rightly proud of his career in the HCC first eleven over the years arguably bowling better now than at any time previously. The club has been fortunate to have his commitment to the cause from junior level right to the top.

    Chris, go out at the top and don’t be tempted, you can be hugely influential to the 2nd team for a couple of years at least. Trust me you will enjoy it.

    Not much more can be said about Bobby, another club man who has devoted his time to the one club, those players who travel around from club to club must find this a strange phenomenon.
    His innings yesterday was a fine example of how to close a game out, watchful, whilst never letting the bowlers get on top, finding gaps and putting bad balls away. Wes will surely have learnt from him yesterday batting for a long period at the other end.

    So what has been a troublesome season professional wise has come to an end, thanks and well done to Danny who I know has been somewhat disappointed at times with our performances, however I am sure that captaining the side has been massive learning curve for him, he will come back much stronger next season. I am more than happy with our final position in league.

    Good luck Riley hope you have a good season back home, don’t throw your back out before you go lugging Purser’s soil around!

    Finally thanks to Tom Cullen who stood in as pro from early July, he is somewhat disappointed with how it turned out, but he his obviously a cricketer of great talent and I would not be surprised to hear of him again in the future, keep in touch!!

    Winter well all.

  5. Well done Chris ,
    former , team mate , -Cricket and football, even at work too, your ethos for work shows in your wickets tally , that cannot be coached. , i hope you can share with juniors from HCC,
    I always referred and related to you in cricket , our difference in skills were huge , it made no odds , i think your love and passion for the game just came through,
    well played John Larmett

  6. John – was that a rap ?

  7. John.

    Yes your correct the skill difference was large, its taken Chris 30 years to make up the gap!

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