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Lancashire CCC and England star Kathryn Cross, who coaches the under-9s team

As a Clubmark accredited club, Heywood Cricket Club is committed to providing a safe, stimulating and structured environment within which children can enjoy their cricket.

On every day of the week during summer, our qualified coaches take teams from under-9s up to under-18s, providing them with coaching and a structured practice evening where they learn all the skills of the game. The success of our youth teams over the years is testament to this.

We have recently achieved Clubmark status, which, above all else, means our coaches and volunteers all have the necessary first aid skills, are CRB checked and are committed to the welfare of your child. We are also looking at putting more and more people through coaching courses to ensure all players can reach their potential.

This means you can entrust your children to our care and we will do everything possible to put their welfare first. This means we have contact details in case of an emergency, are aware of all medical conditions – no matter how minor – and understand any special requirements your child may have.

Since the 2012 season, we have fielded an under-9s team under the guidance of Lancashire CCC and England starlet Kathryn Cross.

Along with Kathryn, who came through the ranks at Heywood, we currently have Ethan Harding, Jack Morley, Emily Carter and Humza Naeem who are all involved with Lancashire teams. Club record run scorer Bobby Cross came through the ranks of the club, as have current first teamers Adam Fawcett, Wes Hunt, Dale Latham and veteran Chris Kaye.


Coaching co-ordinator: Keith Warren

Under-9s: Kathryn Cross/ Dale Latham / Tom Blundell

Under-11s: Rob Morley

Under-13s: John Heywood

Under-15s: Bobby Cross

Under-18s: Adam Fawcett

Other qualified coaches: Danny Pawson, Sean Burrill, Wes Hunt & Scott McHugh


  11 Responses to “Coaching @ Heywood”

  1. Hello i have 2 boys age 7 and 11 who are interested in playing cricket. can you tell me what day and time you do training on. Is it also to late for them to attend and join in

    Thank you

  2. Hi Jane.
    Training is on Tuesday night from 6pm until approx 7.30pm. The season has only just started and we would love your two lads to come and join us. The cost of membership and training fees are on the website under Become A Member. Last night was buzzing and we have lots of coaches. Your seven year old would be with the under-9s and we just need to check when your other son’s birthday is. Is he still 11 by the end of August? If so, he will be eligible for the under-11s. If not, then it will be the under-13s. Come down on Tuesday night, have a chat to the coaches and you can go from there. Hope that helps.

  3. Hi I have a nearly 7 year old son who really wants to come to cricket coaching , please can you tell me when coaching starts

  4. Hi there Emma

    We have junior registration night on Thursday 27 March. There’ll be some more info beforehand. You can meet the coaches and find out all about it there.

  5. Hi, my son is eager to begin training he is 8. Can you tell what date you will be registering.

    Many Thanks

  6. Hi Martine
    It’s on Thursday 27 March. I’ll post more details soon

  7. Many thanks which night is coaching om?

  8. Tuesday 6-8.

    But you must come to the registration night if at all possible as we need ensure we have contact details, any possible medical concerns etc.

  9. Is it too late for my 9 year old (Year 4) to join in if we have missed Registration Night ?

  10. Hi Jane, not at all, weather permitting the kids will be training on Tuesday at 6pm, so pop down and find one of the coaches and we will point you in the right direction. We will need some details from you before we can get going just so we know about any medical conditions etc but won’t take too long!

  11. Fab! Thanks Bobby. We will come down on Tuesday and look forward to seeing you then :o )

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