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The older of the two brothers who came over to play for the club from Melbourne, Hamish Paterson was a strong opening bowler who could hit the ball a long way towards the end of an innings. Hamish spent two summers at Crimble in 2011 and 2012 and was then replaced by younger brother Riley at the club. Another great lad who remains in touch with the club, Hamish has sent over his memories of his spell at the club:

Hamish formed a great partnership and friendship with Humza

Hamish formed a great partnership and friendship with Humza

Do you remember your debut?

I remember my first game for Heywood was a friendly at Crimble. I cannot remember who we played but I recall it was far too cold for cricket. I remember this game largely due to the fact that some kids had lit a grass fire on the hill next to the driveway down to the club. The fire brigade had to attend, and I remember questioning what I had got myself into. My first league match was Crompton away which was fairly uneventful and the only time I travelled to Crompton in the two years I played in the CLL. From memory Brett Pelser was sub-pro for us who ended up playing a couple games for us that year.

What was your favourite game?

Unfortunately, I did not get to be a part of a Wood Cup or League title triumph which is always one thing I wish I achieved during my time at Heywood. However, there were a couple games I enjoyed which include the win in the last game of the 2011 season against Royton after defending 80-odd. I also look back fondly on the game we bowled Milnrow out for 24 after they piled on 358 against us the previous year. Both remain the highest and lowest against scores I have been a part of.

Favourite away ground?

To be honest, I enjoyed most away grounds during my time at Heywood as each had distinctive qualities. Playing in Australia, the majority of cricket grounds and clubrooms are fairly uniform in shape and set-out due to Aussie Rules. Playing on grounds like Norden, Walsden and Clifton was a unique experience and all part of the fun. Other clubs had great facilities full of history which I enjoyed staying around for a beer. I played a Lancs Knockout game at Bamford Fieldhouse and could not believe the hill on the far side which felt like it was above the powerlines was part of the playing surface.

Best Pro you played with and against?

Aggers was signed as the pro for the majority of my first year with the club. Was a wonderful batsman and still one of the best fielders I have seen. As for against, Michael Smith from Middleton was extremely consistent and scored a lot of runs. Perren from Littleborough obviously has a fantastic record and was extremely hard to bowl to. From memory he got a couple big scores against us.

Best Amateurs you Played with and against?

Bobby and Paws were quite comfortably the best amateurs I played with or against in my two years at the club. Both controlled the game and you always thought you were a chance of winning no matter what the position when either was still at the crease. Both were terrific leaders and their records speak for themselves. There are no real opposition players in particular that spring to mind, however there were a couple of overseas amateurs that were tough to play against and would have made decent pros.

Best on-field memory?

There was always great support when playing for Heywood either at home or away. However, there were always a couple of matches each year on a beautiful sunny day at Heywood and a large crowd would turn out to watch. There is no better feeling than playing in front of the Heywood supporters, particularly when bowling from the patio end after they have had a couple later in the day.

Best off-field memory?

Events such as the Worcester trip and the Ripon races were always a highlight off field, and I was lucky enough to share these experiences with some fantastic people. The club was always a wonderful place to be around whether it was after the game on Saturday night, or a quiet beer after training mid-week. A memory that always gives me a chuckle is the cocktail night in my first year which was held the night before a Sunday league game. It was entertaining night, however backing up the next day was tough with Bobby on his phone trying to locate Dogsy. I remember it took me a while to grasp, but I also loved the brutality of fines at the end of a game.

Heywood will always have a special place in my heart. I look back on so many great memories and the many close friendships I have made. The club gave me a fantastic opportunity as a young 19 year old to come over and be a part of a pretty special place and I will always be extremely grateful for that.

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  1. Top lad and grafter on and off the field always nice to see him happy and content on social media

  2. I can’t believe the Milnrow Massacre didn’t get a mention

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