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Heywood in action circa 1984

Heywood in action circa 1984

As part of our celebration of 100 years of cricket at Crimble we will be sharing some historic photographs from over the years.

Not many will give a better perspective on the action than this photo taken around 1984/5 from the park and looking back across the ground to the pavilion. It was a fantastic period for the club on the field which culminated in the 1984 side doing the League and Wood Cup double.

Steve Wundke has the ball in hand and we believe Peter Devine is behind the stumps, Bob Cooke at slip, David Fare in the gully and Mark Wright at mid-off.

The old tea-rooms are visible and regulars to the ground will notice the changes to the frontage of the pavilion, the hedgerow and the lack of tree-line at the back of the car park.

Please let us know if you recognise anyone else in the photo and also if you have any photos that you would like us to share as we look back over the years.

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  2 Responses to “Crimble In The Early 1980′s”

  1. Struggling to identify the other fielders you can see here. All the ones named are correct.

    Assuming the photo is from 1984 , my best guesses for the unnamed fielders are
    Short Leg – Colin Wroe ?
    Backward Square – Mike Kitchen ?
    Cover – ? ?
    Other players around the first team in 1984 squad I think would be Derek Page, Mark Scott, David Oldham, Paul Jazwinski, Vinny Kay, Nick Wilson, Pete Mills + ++++

  2. Nolan Hall @ Cover ?

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