Jun 162021

A BONUS for Crimble cricket fans before another packed weekend of action comes on Thursday evening (June 17) with a rescheduled T20 game in the Greater Manchester League.

Heywood  Monkeys’ original group opener against Clifton Kingfishers was washed out but the new date has been slotted into the fixture programme (6pm).

The first team is in Premier League 2 action on Saturday with a trip to Monton hoping to make it a successive boost after their seven-wicket win at Stand.

Back in the Heywood side is Chris Humphreys, also having a second spell at Crimble along his son Joe, who made an excellent 71 unbeaten at Stand.

The second team have a double home date, in the league against Friends United on Saturday and Unsworth in the Cup on Sunday.

And the third team face a trip to Woodbank, also on Sunday.

HEYWOOD MONKEYS (v Clifton Kingfishers, home, Thursday, T20, 6pm): S Burrill (capt), W Hunt, A Dawson, J Humphreys, M Witts, M Grogan, O Thomas, C McNally, C Hilton, S Bevan, A Ullah (pro).

HEYWOOD 1st X1 (v Monton, away, Saturday, 1pm): S Burrill (capt), W Hunt, R Cross, J Humphreys, F Ughradar, A Dawson, M Witts, C Grant, C Humphreys, S Bevan, A Ullah (pro).

HEYWOOD 2nd X1 (v Friends United, home, Saturday, 1 30pm): M Grogan (capt), D Fawcett, L Grogan, B Wood, C McNally, S Evans, G Deboeck, C Stanford-Campbell, L Clarkson, W Taylor, C Hilton. Reserves: T Pagett, E Clarkson.

HEYWOOD 2nd X1 (v Unsworth, home, Sunday, 2nd X1 Cup, 1pm): M Grogan (capt), D Fawcett, L Grogan, B Wood, S Evans, G Deboeck, E Clarkson, C Stanford-Campbell, L Clarkson, W Taylor, T George. Reserve: M Dearden.

HEYWOOD 3rd X1 (v Woodbank, away, Sunday, 2pm): J McCulloch Snr (capt), M Hood, D Openshaw, M Dearden, M Howarth, J Leadbetter, D Ashton, C McNally, J McCulloch Jnr, Y Shafi, D Hilton. Reserve: F Ijaz.

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