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Mark Wright defied Father Time with a performance from the archives as Heywood seconds continued their march to the CLL Second Division Title.

Wright – the second-highest first team run scorer in the club’s history but now into his 50s – was called into the side to face Milnrow at home at the last minute to cover for Simon Dawson, who had been called into work on Saturday.

And when he was needed most, Wright showed he has lost none of his competitive spirit, hitting a superb 44 – including several trademark straight and square drives for four – when his side needed it most as they chased down Milnrow’s 142 all out.

That Milnrow were restricted to just 142 was down to a great ‘squeeze’ in the middle overs, led by another veteran and captain Roger Smethurst.

Smethurst was aided and abetted by a player at the other end of the spectrum – Dom Fawcett – and the pair of them stopped Milnrow’s momentum as at one stage, with 25 overs to go, they were 90-2.

But Smethurst picked up four wickets and Fawcett two, and despite some desperately slack fielding, Heywood restricted Milnrow to a chaseable score on a lively wicket.

Heywood started slowly through Phil Dawson and Sean Burrill but another important contribution from Fawcett got Heywood back on track.

Wright then provided the momentum and solidity needed to chase down the visitors’ total, and although it took Heywood until the 49th over to chase down the 142, it was inevitable from a long way out that Heywood had done enough to preserve their lead at the top of the table.

R Wilman c Jones b Blundell 4
L Howcroft c Blundell b D Fawcett 28
D Smith c Hunt b Purser 3
D Lord b D Fawcett 35
C Williamson st Jones b Byrne 28
C Dempsey lbw b Smethurst 0
J Butler b Smethurst 20
M Owen c Burrill b Blundell 2
M Mahmood b Smethurst 3
J Dawson not out 0
N Clarke b Smethurst 0
Extras 20
Total (49.4 overs) 142
Bowling: Purser 15-5-29-1, Blundell 10-1-39-2, Byrne 8-1-31-1, D Fawcett 7-2-14-2, Smethurst 9.4-1-22-4

P Dawson lbw b Clarke 17
S Burrill lbw b Butler 5
D Fawcett b Lord 19
M Wright lbw b Owen 44
W Hunt b Wilman 23
C Booth not out 9
T Blundell b Wilman 0
S Jones not out 2
Extras 22
Total (for 6 wkts, 48.3 overs) 146
Bowling: Butler 11-5-25-1, Smith 8-5-11-0, Lord 7-2-13-1, Clarke 8-0-30-1, Owen 9-0-38-1, Wilman 5.3-0-18-2.

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  10 Responses to “Wright Turns Back Time As Seconds Win Again”

  1. Top stuff Mark – maybe you will think twice about that premature retirement as there is clearly life in the old dog yet.
    Nice spell too skip – is the word ‘unplayable’ appropriate?
    League and cup double getting closer.

  2. Currently enjoying a lie down – Should be able to move freely again in October in time for the race trip

  3. I believe you ran nine threes!

  4. Nine threes????
    You picked the wrong day to play – not many threes on Walsden!

  5. Hilts, the mind bogles at the thought of Mark running three’s at Walsden, i dont think he quite has the speed anymore.
    Mark played against Milnrow at Crimble when he did all the running,not a pretty sight!

  6. Lol yeah I was meaning he picked the wrong day to play – he should have played at Walsden where the running of threes is not normally on the agenda. I can see you were amused with the whole thing Mr Chairman, and all topped off with the customary LBW decision at the end1

  7. Premature? He first threatened to retire approximately 19 years ago, shortly after being caught at Calf Corner, Woodhouse Lane, Norden, Rochdale, OL12 7SD. Do not believe this man when he says he’s retiring.

  8. Mark scored a 50 for the thirds the next day, apparently. Can’t believe I didn’t get a report through of that. Class to watch on Saturday. A few Wrighty classics down the ground for four John. You’d have appreciated it

  9. Yep, Mark was always very good straight down the ground, which is precisely 45 degrees clockwise from VD Ball’s favoured area.

  10. That day at Norden was the lowest point of my career without doubt. I was ashamed of my effort to clear the boundary – the guy that caught me on the boundary edge was actually crouched at short mid wicket. Like a true pro I blamed it on the bat which duly found itself in the nearest bin in the changing room. Someone tried to retrieve it but I made it very clear that bat was never to see the light of day again. It was very nearly the end of my career, but I can laugh about it now – but not very much

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