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John Punchard hits out at fellow vet Rick Purser

For a second successive day, Heywood seconds’ failed to turn up and paid the ultimate price.

Another poor performance with the bat left Heywood’s bowlers with it all to do at home to Royton, and on an improving wicket and quicker outfield, Heywood were always in trouble after posting just 139-9 off 47 overs.

Royton’s ‘Father Time’ John Punchard punished Heywood’s waywardness with the ball, and Royton eased to a win that leaves Heywood just three points ahead of Norden who have a game in hand.

Many people at the ground doubted captain Roger Smethurst’s decision to bat, especially after what had happened the previous day against Middleton.

But some bad running and some poor shot selections were to blame for Heywood’s plunge to 22-4, not the wicket.

Phil Dawson was run out after a howler of a mix-up with brother Simon, who lasted little longer, then Heywood lost Smethurst to an excellent away swinger.

Wes Hunt and Dom Fawcett looked to be settling things down, but when Hunt was bowled Heywood were in real trouble.

That they weren’t bowled out for 50 or 60 was down to Andy Dawson and, to a lesser extent, Fawcett. Dawson had some luck here and there but he is the only player in the side at the moment with any real ability to score runs at a decent lick and deserved his luck.

But just as he and Fawcett were getting going, Fawcett dragged a half-volley on to his stumps. Lee Grogan helped Dawson get the score going but he was out to one that popped before Dawson played a rash shot, smashing one high in the air for mid-off to juggle with before catching.

There were plenty of overs left when Dawson was out for 57, but those who criticise his shot selection should look at the inability of the top order to score runs ahead of Dawson’s loose stroke.

From there the lower order battled to get to 139, but it always looked as though this was not enough.

Royton made an excellent start with Andrew Morris and Punchard punishing some wasteful bowling.

Simon Dawson made the breakthrough with his first ball, and Rick Purser was troublesome as always, picking up three cheap wickets.

But Punchard held the innings together and smacked some big, straight shots to show that while the reactions that made him one of the top amateurs in the CLL may not be there, the ability to dispatch the loose ball still is.

In the end it was too easy for Royton, and now the title is out of Heywood’s hands. How Smethurst is smarting now.

P Dawson run out 0
S Dawson c Hussain b Clarke 6
D Fawcett b A Punchard 15
R Smethurst c Hussain b Clarke 0
W Hunt b Tesz 6
A Dawson c Pertoldi b Walsh 57
L Grogan c Hussain b M Woodward 14
C Booth c Pertoldi b Clarke 14
S Jones run out 4
R Purser not out 14
S Byrne not out 1
Extras 7
Total (for 9 wkts, 47 overs) 139
Fall of wickets: 1-5, 2-7, 3-7, 4-22, 5-65, 6-102, 7-105, 8-111, 9-132
Bowling: Clarke 9-0-37-3, Tesz 6-1-18-1, A Punchard 5-0-35-1, M Woodward 15-5-22-1, T Walsh 12-2-27-1

A Morris c Jones b S Dawson 29
J Punchard b Purser 49
B Woodward lbw b Purser 11
T Walsh c D Fawcett b Purser 18
K Hussain not out 19
S Webb not out 2
Extras 10
Total (for 4 wkts, 40.4 overs) 140
Fall of wickets: 1-58, 2-96, 3-108, 4-125
Bowling: Purser 15-4-31-3, A Dawson 3-0-21-0, Byrne 7-0-40-0, S Dawson 5-1-17-1, D Fawcett 5-0-16-0, Grogan 5.4-1-15-0

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  3 Responses to “Title Out Of Seconds’ Hands After Dismal Royton Defeat”

  1. Well here we are at the business end of the season and the outrageous decision to replay all those games lost to the weather in April when we played a Limited overs game to conclusion against Werneth looks like it might scupper us.
    I feel for the Heywood players and groundstaff who got the game played, and respect for the umpires and Werneth for wanting to play. Call me old fashioned but it doesn’t rest easy with me when that type of commitment to the game goes unrewarded.
    CLL precedent clearly would suggest that those teams that didn’t manage to play would not have the opportunity to play again IF somebody had got a game in.
    The decision made no sense at the time and makes no sense now

    Having said that, I don’t suppose we can do anything about it so lets believe things will still work out. Lets get back to playing positive cricket and win the last 3 games and hope that that will be enough………………..we are good enough to win this league so keep the faith

  2. Don’t forget that getting that game played in April may still be worth all the hard work. We
    got 5 points that day and the other teams still have to play the fixture. Any one of the teams in contention may lose; and fate may reward us by more heavy rain on those extra days. While that would disadvantage the first team’s title hopes; it would help the 2′s.

  3. I agree – would rather be in our position with the points already in the bag. The way this summer has gone with the weather the odds must be very much against all of the games being played.

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