Jun 182012

Captain Roger Smethurst provided the telling blows yesterday that landed Heywood Seconds their first Burton Cup semi-final place since 1996.

Smethurst is the only survivor of Andy Greenwood’s cup-winning side still plying their trade at Crimble, and it was fitting Smethurst should play such a key role in helping his side overcome Royton and book a home tie in the semi-finals.

With Royton only three down for 122 chasing Heywood’s target of 178, Smethurst brought himself into the attack and helped himself to three wickets, including the key scalp of Callum Hay who was looking good on 50.

With experienced Lee Grogan at the other end, followed by Simon Dawson, wickets began to fall rapidly. Smethurst, the damage done, replaced himself with Curtis Maguire and Royton crumbled to 155 all-out.

That Heywood reached 178 was in itself a major feat as, after a bright start, they slipped to 118-8. Former Heywood all-rounder Mark Woodward did the majority of the damage on a drying wicket, but neither he nor the rest of the visiting attack had counted on the impressive Chris Booth and veteran Rick Purser.

The pair played straight and properly and put on a half century partnership for the ninth wicket. They ran well and frustrated Royton, who thought they had done enough to dismiss Heywood cheaply.

By the time the pair were out they had helped Heywood post a testing target and had taken some of the fight from an ageing Royton team.

Needless to say Smethurst was delighted with the victory, but frustrated with his side’s inability to build on an excellent opening partnership between brothers Phil and Simon Dawson.

“It’s a bit of a familiar theme at the moment, with the lower order coming to our rescue,” said Smethurst.

“Phil and Simon did really well. They took lots of singles, which was something we had talked about as they had seven or so players over the age of 35.

“But Mark Woodward bowled well and we really struggled until Chris and Rick came together.

“They batted properly, ran well and gave us a total which was defendable. It almost finished Rick off.

“When Royton batted they started really slowly as Simon Dawson and Rick gave them nothing to hit, and at one stage they were seven off 10 overs.

“We took wickets when it mattered, we fielded well and our bowlers pulled us through again.

“It’s a massive result for us, we have a home draw in the next round and it’s the first time we have been in a Burton Cup semi-final since 1996.

“It was  a great team effort and we competed well right to the end. It was another game we probably would have lost last year.”

The seconds travel to Werneth next week – always a tough trip – and are at home to another tough side in Norden on Sunday.

P Dawson c Clarke b Maxwell 34
S Dawson c M Woodward b Clarke 31
C Maguire lbw Maxwell 2
R Smethurst c Hussain b M Woodward 3
W Hunt c J Punchard b M Woodward 2
L Grogan b Maxwell 7
C Booth b Hay 36
S Burrill lbw M Woodward 1
S Jones c Hussain b M Woodward 3
R Purser b Kay 28
S Byrne not out 4
Extras 28
Total (all out, 49.4 overs) 178
Bowling: A Punchard 10-1-32-0, Hay 9.4-0-32-2, Clarke 10-0-41-1, M Woodward 10-2-17-4, N Maxwell 10-1-42-3.

B Woodward lbw Purser 13
J Punchard lbw Grogan 38
C Hay c Maguire b Smethurst 50
M Woodward b Byrne 8
K Hussain c & b Smethurst 12
J Greaves b Smethurst 4
S Webb b Grogan 0
A Morris b S Dawson 9
A Punchard c Smethurst b Maguire 9
P Clarke not out 1
N Maxwell b Maguire 0
Extras 12
Total (all out, 48 overs) 155
Bowling: Purser 10-3-18-1, S Dawson 8-4-14-1, Maguire 9-0-24-2, Byrne 8-0-47-1, Grogan 10-0-37-2, Smethurst 3-0-11-3.

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  27 Responses to “Smethurst Burst Puts Seconds Into Semis”

  1. Scoop.

    How dare you!
    I assume you have retired me.

  2. I was umming and ahhing over that, former chairman. Then decided that yes, you should be retired! I can’t actually remember if Rog played in that final. I know that I was not allowed to play as I’d been in the firsts before the final. I had about 14 pints of lager then had to get up at 5am to get a plane to Paris, before catching the TGV to Marseille. Never felt worse than that ever! But come on the Scoobies!

  3. Top stuff skip devastating spell of quick bowling there!
    As said at the outset the draw always gave us a chance this year with most of the big guns in the other half. Is it Middleton now in semis – beat them already this year – come on lads this is your year!

  4. If anyone deserves to play in a big game then it’s Roger. With no first team match on that day there should be a bumper crowd and a great atmosphere. What would cap it off would be a winning knock from the ‘ Run Machine ‘!

  5. Absolutely agree Dave – Roger deserves the success and hopefully he will be a winning Burton Cup captain.
    Don’t know if you’ve noticed though Dave but he is now in the true all rounder class and he is just as likely to win us a game with a devastating spell of strike bowling!

  6. Hilts.
    Are you sure the sun hasn’t got to you?

  7. The stats don’t lie – heading for defeat then a devastating spell of 3 for 11 in 3 overs. Lethal!

  8. I like the heading of this piece – for one minute I thought it was “SMETHURST BURST ………OF SPEED”

    Can’t tell you how proud I am of the boys in getting to the semi final. I’ve been part of the side for ten years trying to win something, and its only now I’ve mostly retired that the boys look capable of going all the way in the Burton Cup and League – That must say something I guess ( no smart comments please ) but I hope Roger and Rick and the ‘kids’ have their day in the sun come August.
    Lets not get ahead of ourselves though – There’s a long way to go in the league and our semi final opponents Walsden are always a good side and we haven’t done well against them in recent years – but we should continue to play without fear.
    Its testament to Rogers’ captaincy that he has a happy team wanting to do well in the common cause…………………….lets go all the way

  9. Mark what do you mean ‘mostly’ retired – do I sense a comeback looming?????
    I must admit the same thought about this burst of success coming after you, me and Fare moving on has certainly crossed my mind lol – but they must be missing our speed and agility though!
    Yes Walsden are a good team normally but the way our lads are playing there should be no fear.
    As you say Mark, early days yet but the signs are good and things are going in the right direction.

  10. And don’t forget that the 2nd X1 cruised to victory in the SIBSID in 2005 so we’ve not been totally devoid of silverware since 1996………………………

  11. Roge, leading from the front, tremendous leadership… Remember; a raging river without banks, is a puddle.

    Out of interest, who comprised the team that won it in ’96? I think I can name 6 or 7.

  12. I remember going down watching – I think it was the year before I returned from exile not sure – whetted the appetite.
    Can’t remember the full team either but I think I remember G.O.D., Orange/Castors/Dalek/Sunroof, Tangers, Roger, Ally Bold, Ady Mather, Dave C, Flanny – could be wrong with those but stuck now anyway (were Dave Bentley and Dave Greenwood in it?)

  13. after the loss at milnrow which was disappointing it was a real tonic to arrive at the crimble to watch an excellent finish and the unbridled joy of second team lads in reaching the semi final of the burton cup, congratulations roger ,you and your team are going from strength to strength ,6 players on the royton team you beat i have either played with or against (john and andy punchard , barry and mark woodward and simon webb) for as many years than i care to remember and they can all play. the performance against that royton team should not be under-estimated and walsden should hold no fear , well done and will look forward to supporting the lads in the semi (if not selected). finally mark wright , a cup i know you hold in the highest regard , equal to any wood , burton cup or league win and you cant get the name correct SUBSID.

  14. Here’s who I had in the team; educated guess:

    GOD (no wonder we won), Flanny, Archie Bold, Wally, the Sherriff, David England, Orange Peel and Cross Snr. Others I believe could/may have made up the team are: Tats (and his Sunday Sport), Bentley, Gaz Hulme, Burrows and Tangers.

    Scoop in your archives have you any images from this game?

    If anyone gets the full XI and 12th man, using memory only, I will be more than happy to buy a drink when back at Christmas.

  15. Hilts/Olly.

    I have to tell you that yours truly played in the final that day (trophy hunting)

    To many JWL beers has passed my lips since to be able to name the side however.

    GOD (captain), casters, D Cross, Flanny, probably Tangers, the sherriff, Archie, Ady Mather,dont think Desperate Dan played and think Gaz Hulme was in the firsts by then. Best i can do. Olly that must qualify me for a drink.

    Mark always gets nervous when it get towards the really important stage of the season, hence the incorrect spelling of SUBSID, actually SIBSID sounds more appropriate!

    Another big weekend coming up for all the teams, good luck.

  16. The cup final team was:

    A Greenwood (c)
    D Cross (w/k)
    D Greenwood
    G Hulme
    A Bold
    S Wallwork
    M Ashworth
    R Smethurst
    DA Fare
    N Ashworth
    C Flanagan

    I will send Scoop the scorecard to post,


  17. Chairman that truly was trophy hunting!!!
    Well I got 8 – not bad for someone not around for most of that time.
    Looks a good side – how would it compare with today’s?

  18. Hmm. To be honest I’d fancy the current bowling attack, but this team had Andy Greenwood, who wouldn’t even flinch when he was hit on the head (as at Ashton when he ducked into one). Saying that, Flanny was good when he wanted to be and Casters had his moments, but then theres Purs and S Dawson, Grogan etc. Much as they were all contemporaries and friends and shared the best summer of my life, I’m going with the current crop.

  19. Sorry I realise I may have confused some people with the team above. It should read:

    God’s brother
    Run Machine

  20. Has there anybody who has ever had more nicknames than Neil – Sunroof missing from there too Bobby???

  21. JC stood for Johnny Concrete, in case people don’t know. Archie was also known as Rufus Ruffcut for a while. Archie came from the advertiser when he was playing cricket for the Talbot. Orange used to be called all those nicknames in the space of one over at times. Bless his balding pate

  22. What a great list – I was chuckling having read the top three and then burst out laughing by the time I got to Eurotrash

  23. The days of inventive witty nicknames seem to have gone in the main – all added to the team spirit didn’t it.

  24. Tangers was also Neil I think. Not sure if Michael had a nickname.

  25. Crossy.

    No, because we could’nt think of a nickname for Michael he became Tangers, only because his brother was orange!

  26. Ok Ok apparently he was Tangers because he was small orange.

  27. [...] Rd 2: Heywood 178 (Booth 36) Royton 158 (Smethurst 3-11) Celebrations as Royton are vanquished [...]

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