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new cocktailHEYWOOD stage another of their popular Cocktail Nights in the Crimble clubhouse on Saturday

(September 9) when players and supporters get their chance to celebrate promotion back to the Greater Manchester Premier League – and hopefully the Division One championship.

The senior side host leaders Greenmount earlier in the day in a fitting finale to the season (12.30pm), when the winners will lift the title.

But whatever the result the Cocktail Night should make sure that the celebrations are lively and enjoyable.

The event organised by the Social Committee starts at 7pm and all are welcome.

Meanwhile, the second team also have action on Saturday with a trip to Ashton Ladysmith (1pm), and the third team face a Sunday home date against Monton and Weaste (1.30pm).

HEYWOOD 1st X1 v Greenmount, home, Saturday (12.30pm): T Townsend (capt), R Cross, A Kerr, D Pawson, S Burrill, J Morley, W Hunt, D Latham, S Dawson, K Cross, C Kaye.

HEYWOOD 2nd X1 v Ashton Ladysmith, away, Saturday (1pm): M Grogan (capt), S Evans, R Smethurst, C Booth, J Keyworth, C Hilton, J Mills, M Witts, J Kaye, T Pagett, H Vernon, O Thomas.

HEYWOOD 3rd X1 v Monton and Weaste, home, Sunday (1.30pm): D Fawcett (capt), S Evans, J Mills, M Witts, E Carter, O Thomas, W Taylor, T Pagett, C Hilton, J Kaye, H Vernon.

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  3 Responses to “Team For The Weekend, Cocktail Night”

  1. With a very left field observation and nothing to do with the cocktail night. Has nobody won the Millennium Club draw since April, and are Mr Southwell and Mrs Kitchen the luckiest people in the draw ?

  2. Shame about the weather today let’s not let it take the gloss of what has been a fine season

  3. Was wondering that myself also – maybe time has stood still back there in Heywood – and hence Dave Fare turning out the other week???
    Regarding messrs Southwell and Kitchen, I hear they very unlucky not to win in March also!

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