Sep 082017

HEYWOOD have issued a defiant “we will carry on as normal message” after a serious break-in at Crimble resulted in more than £2,000 of damage – even though little cash was stolen.

The wanton damage was caused before the police had time to get to the ground, but steps have been taken to make sure that the Club stays in full operational mode in preparation for an important weekend.

Heywood host Greenmount, weather permitting, tomorrow in a Greater Manchester Premier League Division One title showdown (12.30), and a Cocktail Evening starting at 7pm will help celebrate a successful promotion campaign back to the Premier League.

Chairman John Rhodes epitomised the spirit within the Club when he said: “We won’t be beaten by these people who cause us so much grief. And the fact that so little cash was taken shows that it was a pointless exercise by them anyway!

“It’s distressing that this has happened but we have got over things like this before and we will do so again.

“I myself would like to thank all the many people who have helped get the Club back to normal so that we can look forward to a special weekend despite this setback.”

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  2 Responses to “Club Vows To Carry On As Normal Following Serious Break-In”

  1. A lot of people give their time and money to provide a facility for local people to enjoy and yet again some local brain dead low life crawls from under a stone to wreck damage.
    John I agree with your statement “It’s distressing that this has happened but we have got over things like this before and we will do so again” however this type of occurrence is sadly becoming all too frequent
    It is yet another reason to reform the countries broken criminal justice system an make the low life pay.

  2. I agree with John who thanked everyone who helped in connection with the break in, but in my opinion a special thanks should go to Andrea and Alan who, when I went down at 9.30 on Thursday, had cleaned the place up and put everything back where it should be. I know they get paid for the hours they put in, lbut they did a fantastic job. Thank you Andrea and Alan.

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