Jun 102016

Heywood chairman John Rhodes (second right) receives the sponsorship cheque from Sales Director Dean Redfern. Also pictured (left to right): Bob Cross (president); Ian Wrathall (Free Trade Sales Manager for John Willie Lees); and Steve McHugh (Press Officer).

ONE of the longest running and most valued sponsorships in local sport has been sustained at Heywood Cricket Club.

John Willie Lees were happy to hand over a sponsorship cheque, believed to be for more than the 20th successive year, at Crimble to continue the relationship between the two parties.

Sales Director Dean Redfern, accompanied by Free Trade Sales Manager Ian Wrathall, did the honours on behalf of the Middleton-based brewery who have been valued supporters of the Club.

Mr Redfern said: “J W Lees is all about supporting local sport and it is a privilege to be associated with Heywood Cricket Club. We know that the Club greatly appreciate that it helps fund the day-to-day activities at the Club.

“It is also good for the local community, and it is just our way of giving something back.”

John Rhodes said: “We’ve actually been connected with John Willie Lees for more than 30 years and we’re extremely pleased that they have agreed to sponsor us again.

“It’s been a very harmonious relationship and a vital one for Heywood Cricket Club. People don’t realise just how much money per month it costs just to keep this Club going, and it’s the support of the likes of John Willie Lees which is so vital.”

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  2 Responses to “JW Lees Renews Sponsorship With HCC”

  1. Well I never! Could this be the same Steve McHugh I took on as a cub reporter while I was editor of the Heywood Advertiser in the 1960s. Good to know you are still doing your bit for Heywood CC. All t’best, owd lad. – and the same for everyone at Heywood CC where I spent many happy hours as a youngster.

  2. Hi, Brian:

    Excellent to hear from you and hope that you are doing well. The last time I heard I believe you were residing in Norwich. Bet you are still missing Heywood!
    Sorry about the delay in replying after my wife Anne spotted your comment. But, yes, it is the same shy, spotty-faced 16-year-old you gave a chance to back at the end of 1965, straight from Heywood Grammar School. And I shall always be grateful for the grounding in journalism that I was given by yourself and the rest of the team at the Heywood Advertiser.
    It was a proper local paper then, serving the community and reporting on all aspects of Heywood life. I was sent to report on births, deaths, marriages, big bingo winners, Boys Brigade meetings, the local court, sports clubs (including Heywood CC), church matters etc, etc. In short, a proper grounding in the job before I moved on to the Bolton Evening News and the Manchester Evening News.
    But I have never forgotten my days at the Heywood offices, first on York Street above the old Royal Oak ‘chippy’ and before long in the new building opposite the Brunswick Hotel on Bridge Street.
    I can picture you now, giving me a right telling-off in your office for my shabby attempt at a Boys Brigade report. It was full of inaccuracies and one which I looked back on with shame. But it was a lesson that stood me in good stead for the rest of my journalistic career.
    These days, I spend a lot of time at Heywood Cricket Club and I’m sure that there are still members, possibly reading this, who will recall you.
    I certainly do, and hope that there are many good times still to come.

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