Under-15s Coaching, Manager, Match-day


Team: Under-15s

Manager: Alec Witts

Managers Contact Details: Tel: 07917 166358; Email: [email protected]

Match Day: Monday evening

Coaches: Travis Townsend & Danny Pawson

Assisted By: Bob Dearden & Rob Morley

Coaches Contact Details: Danny Pawson: 07976 584277


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  1. Hi, was just enquiring about the under 15′s membership and what that entails.
    We have a young person, 14 years old, in our care who enjoys taking part in cricket so we would like to try and sign him up to a club in the near future.
    Any information you could provide would be hugely appreciated.

    Kind Regards,
    Martin Mathias
    Residential Care Worker – Cambian Group.

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