Mar 192012

To coincide with one of the biggest years in the club’s history, Heywood CC are organising a very special ‘Former Players Day’.

A date has been pencilled in for Saturday 11 August, and it’s an event we really want to be something special to honour and remember the players who have made the club what it is today.

Anyone who has played for the club at any level over the years is invited to the day, which will involve plenty of reminiscing, some excellent food – something at which the club excels – and, hopefully, some quality cricket and banter.

It’s the 120th anniversary of the CLL and we are one of the founder members. It’s a great time to hold the event, especially as many former players won’t have seen the work done to the ground in recent times.

As I mentioned, this is open to anyone to have pulled on the whites for Heywood, and is the brainchild of chairman Mike Law, Bob Dearden and Dennis Booth.

While we know the whereabouts of many former players, there are some who we are really keen to locate and invite down, so if you know any of the following players or where they are, please get in touch so we can invite them down.

We are looking for Bert (Colin) Moores, who made his debut in 1948 and is believed to be living in St Annes.

We also want contact details for the following: Ken Whittam, Gerry Fitton (believed to be in Southport), George Howarth (Warrington), Geoff Liddle, Brian Hopkinson, Barry Lee, Gordon Hazell, Jim Nuttall (Affetside), Don Whittam, Clarence Williams, Alwyn Chadwick, Ken McEntyre and Colin Gradwell.

If anyone can help, contact Bob Dearden by clicking here or by phone on 07816039168.

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