May 062013
Simon Dawson in action pre-curly hair

Simon Dawson in action pre-curly hair

It was the Simon Dawson show for Heywood Seconds at Crimble in the six wicket defeat of Rochdale on Saturday.

He was in superb all-round form for Roger Smethurst’s side, first taking 4-41 to help keep Rochdale to 127, then he smashed a superb 71 as Heywood chased down their total with half the overs left.

Rick Purser made the early breakthroughs in the Rochdale innings, finising with 2-28 of 15 typically tight overs.

Dom Fawcett bowled nicely without success and Sam Byrne showed some form, taking 2-28 also. Dawson was too hostile for many of the home batsmen and deserved his figures.

In reply, Dawson smashed the Rochdale attack all over Crimble, hitting a big six off his second ball after failing to connect when trying a similar shot to his first.

He continued to hit and eventually got himself out – foolishly, perhaps, but that is the way he plays – but Chris Booth and Simon’s brother Phil saw Heywood home.

There was an unfortunate dismissal for Ben Thulborn, who was run out backing up, but otherwise it was a satisfactory day for all concerned.


M Green lbw b Purser 0
K Aughey lbw b Purser 5
K Ahmed c Jones b S Dawson 18
M Mohammed b Byrne 35
J Buckley c Jones b S Dawson 13
J O’Neill c Burrill b Byrne 1
M Hayee c Purser b S Dawson 0
M Halliwell run out 0
I Gilbertson not out 30
M Solhail c Jones b S Dawson 4
J Duffy not out 6
Extras 13
Total (for 9 wkts, 50 overs) 127
Fall of wickets: 1-0, 2-11, 3-37, 4-74, 5-82, 6-83, 7-83, 8-85, 9-99
Bowling: Purser 15-1-28-2, D Fawcett 10-3-25-0, S Dawson 15-2-41-4, Byrne 10-1-28-2

S Dawson c and b Duffy 71
M Hood lbw b Solhail 0
D Fawcett run out 6
B Thulborn run out 0
P Dawson not out 18
C Booth not out 20
Extras 14
Total (for 4 wkts, 25 overs) 130
Fall of wickets: 1-16, 2-66, 3-66, 4-95
Bowling: Duffy 6-0-43-1, Solhail 7-0-30-1, Gilbertson 5-1-24-0, Halliwell 5-1-19-0, Ahmed 1-0-3-0, Green 1-0-5-0

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