May 222013
Andy Dawson on his way to 77 off just 28 balls at Woodhouse Lane last year

Andy Dawson on his way to 77 off just 28 balls at Woodhouse Lane last year

There’s a big weekend of cricket ahead for all the club’s senior teams.

On Saturday, it’s the start of the T20 and Heywood travel to Middleton (2pm start). Heywood reached the semi-finals last season, only to lose to Littleborough, and will be tested on the excellent Towncroft pitch.

It’s another chance for Andy Dawson to show his prowess in the shorter form of the game and promises to be an exciting game against one of our biggest and best rivals.

On Sunday, we’re away again, at Norden, for a league match which will be Heywood’s biggest test yet against a very good Norden side.

Norden beat Littleborough – the side who ended Heywood’s unbeaten start to the season – in the Wood Cup last week and are running into form.

The seconds entertain Norden at Crimble, with a Norden side bolstered by the addition of several players to the senior squads including ‘Beamer’ – the second-team superstar from Unsworth. He is always a thorn in anyone’s side, but at least Crimble offers some protection against his big hitting.

It’s also a busy weekend for the thirds, who blend a smattering of experience with a lot of talented young players from the junior teams.

They travel to Astley and Tyldesley on Sunday, then face a big test at Deane and Derby on Bank Holiday Monday.

Heywood CC 1st XI (v Middleton, a, T20, Saturday. Meet 12.30pm, 2pm start) R Cross, R Zelem, D Pawson, R Paterson, A Dawson, D Latham, W Hunt, J Lovell, H Naeem, L Grogan, T Townsend.

Heywood CC 1st XI (v Norden, a, Sunday. Meet 12.15pm, 1.30pm start) ) R Cross, R Zelem, D Pawson, R Paterson, A Dawson, D Latham, W Hunt, J Lovell, H Naeem, C Kaye, T Townsend.

Heywood CC 2nd XI (v Norden, h, Sunday. Meet 12.30pm, 1.30pm start) R Smethurst, M Hood, D Fawcett, P Dawson, C Booth, L Grogan, B Thulborn, S Burrill, M Grogan, S Jones, R Purser.

Heywood CC 3rd XI (v Astley and Tyldesley, a, Sunday. Meet noon, 1.15pm start) R Morley, G Abram, J O’Neill, T McGoldrick, M Kay, K Nugent, S Chapman, J Mills, K Peters, D James, P Mills.

Heywood CC 3rd XI (v Deane and Derby, a, Monday. Meet noon, 1.15pm start) R Morley, M Grogan, C Openshaw, J O’Neill, T McGoldrick, B Thulborn, M Kay, K Nugent, S Chapman, J Mills, K Peters.

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  3 Responses to “T20 And Norden Ahead For Firsts In Big Weekend Of Cricket”

  1. Beamer at Norden??? He must think his powers are waining and now requires a postage stamp boundary – or maybe he is pot hunting!!!
    Nothing to fear from him anyway – especially at Crimble – Rog and Rick have had him sussed for years – I remember him whinging once that we were being unfair putting fielders in his areas from ball one!

  2. Yet again Purser and Smethurst did for Beamer. Usual hilarious first ball field for him – long on, long off – Beamer bemused as though this was unfair on him – Ricky P then bowls the double bluff straight one – Beamer decides he better not leather the first ball – only to find his forward defensive lunge cannot prevent the ball from hitting his pad first – Ricky P up and appealing like the old pro he is – Umpire has to give him – Beamer decidedly not happy – much shaking of the head- and a trudging off to take the long walk of death back at Crimble- much chucklng from yours truly who had witnessed the whole scene from the patio. – Classic.
    I have to hand it to Beamer though – He’s a good bloke and could joke about it afterwards and he bowled a good spell when Norden fielded – so respect to the man.
    Only 3 more times to bat against Ricky P.

  3. Business as usual – did we not have the usual extra cover 2/3 of way back as well in case of the sliced drive? Wish I could have witnessed it too!
    I seem to remember frustrating him to death myself a couple of years ago when I last played against him up at Unsworth – he was chuddering away, shaking his head, pacing up and down around his crease and ultimately being glad when it was all over.
    He just can’t seem to deal with the dibbly dobblies somehow – surprising because he is such a good player who seems to score stacks of runs against most teams.
    I seem to remember he expressed an interest in joining us – surely not a Rick avoidance ploy!

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