Apr 072012

April 4

  • Big thanks to Plumbase for all their donations towards the ladies’ toilets, which are now looking great.

April 3

  • John Ogden is down today to skim the ceilings in both toilets ready for painting later in the week.

April 2

  • Keith Caveney and Tom Cross are finishing the fencing on the patio this week, will all be ready for weekend.
  • The first of the videos of the day is available to view! Click here for the link.

April 1

  • Nathan and the lads carried on the last of the patio and a few helpers drifted down slightly worse for wear!

March 31

  • The big day, see the website for a full breakdown of events! Over 350 people turned out for a brilliant day.
  • Barry Simpson of Archway Building Supplies has offered to replace the ceiling tiles in the club and to put a false ceiling in the foyer, great gesture by Barry.

March 27

  • Great turn out to help fill the patio, Nathan was helped by Morris, Keith, Keith, Mick Bott, Dave Blundell, Tom McG, Pete Zelem and several others. The whole area is now almost ready for flagging.
  • Keystone Distribution UK have agreed to donate a large amount of food for the day, thanks to Chris and others at Keystone.


  • Vinny and his apprentice Mick Bott were again hard at work tiling, just the floor to go in the ladies now. Again, massive thanks to Harris Tiles for giving us so many top-quality tiles.
  • Andy Hargreaves has tested all the sound equipment and is going to DJ from the pavilion steps on the day to keep everyone working hard.
[Gallery not found]
March 26
  • More work on the patio thanks to our brickie Andrew. The wall is now finished and ready for filling once set.
  • Lee Grogan again continues his work, now moved on to re-setting the bench platforms around the ground.
  • Ibex Marina Ropes Ltd have donated some rope for the boundary edging in front of Fox Bank, thanks Jack!
  • Vinny Ball has carried on tiling the ladies and it really is looking well     25th  Lee Grogan continued to reset the flags on top of the far

March 25

  • Lee Grogan continued to reset the flags on top of the far wall, an area which really did need improving and which now looks so much better.
  • Lee was helped by Chris Kaye and Sean Burrill and Wes Hunt were brilliant barrowing gravel around the ground for Lee to use.
  • Mark Wright and Mel Fawcett also put in good shifts helping with the bench platforms.
  • In the evening Tom McG, Bobby, Sean, Wes and Lee removed everything from the ladies toilets enabling Vinny to carry on his tiling on Monday.

March 24

  • Although not physically the toughest day of work (see Feb 1st!) the club had the biggest day of visual progress today with the retaining wall built, the old flags used to fill the base and more work on the existing patio. A great effort by all, special thanks to Andrew and his nephew Jake who were brilliant building the wall

FROM SCOOP (with pictures): Work on the biggest project ahead of Saturday’s NatWest Cricketforce 2012 day came on a treat over the weekend.

Professional brickies joined players and members to make real progress on the new Bob O’Keefe patio and on the refurb of the toilets. Many thanks to everyone who came and made a massive difference.

Here are a few pictures taken over Saturday, and I’m sure there was even greater progress made yesterday.

[Gallery not found]


March 23

  • Brilliant news of more confirmed guests (unforeseen circumstances aside) added to our list in the shape of DAVID “BUMBLE” LLOYD from Sky Sports and STEPHEN MOORE of Lancashire and England Lions.
  • ECB confirm that the event will be filmed to create a DVD story of Heywood Cricket Club and the journey we are on to improve our facilities and show what can be done through engagement with local community, local business and some hard work and effort from those within the club. Best get your hair done and make up on for the day, anyone could be interviewed!   The film crew will want to interview many of the people who have helped the club in terms of donations, labour and hear your own view of how this story affects your business. It will be a great showcase and thank you for those who have helped the club.
  • Edward Jones Ltd have donated some paint brushes and paint pots for the day, thanks Nigel.
  • Work has started on the flagging of the patio and Marshalls have delivered two more wagon loads of flags!
  • Below are a couple of pictures from Keith Caveney, firstly of the work already being done on the patio, and secondly of the ladies’ toilets

MESSAGE FROM BOBBY: With the big day fast approaching we have more good news of hard work being put in by members and non-members alike.

There is a work party this Saturday and Sunday with plenty to do for anyone that can get down.

There will be one last update next week and we will let you all know which big names might well be popping down to see us on the day.

As we get closer to the event I want to take this opportunity of thanking all of those who have given time, effort, materials, skill and advice to the club since this all began. Your response has been overwhelming and I hope that everyone can come down on Saturday March 31st to get involved, do some work and have some fun and see the improvements that your genorosity has enabled.

March 22

  • Vinny Ball (VB Tiling) and Mick Bott have started tiling the toilets today.
  • Travis Perkins have delivered more sand for the levelling of the patio to enable Nathan Goodall to start laying the flags that Marshalls have very kindly supplied.

March 21

  • Lee Grogan joined Tom and Bobby to carry on the work Keith Caveney and Keith Warren had been down during the day and prepared the spare covers for the new season.

March 22

  • Tom McGoldrick and Bobby started to prepare the area behind the gate for Mike Hogg of Groundcare Ltd to create a new garden for the club.

March 18

  • Lee Grogan continued his one man effort to repair the small wall over the far side, great stuff from Lee

March 17

  • Work party lifted remaining patio flags and some seriously well-set edging stones! Well done to all who gave their Saturday to help.
  • Lee Grogan continued his progress re-setting the paving by the players seating area.
  • John Carney has made a great job of the memorial garden near the gates, thanks John!
  • Mark Hunt (with help) has got to the bottom of the scorebox electrical problems, thanks Mark.
  • Well done to everyone that turned out and worked so hard Saturday, thanks to Blunders for the pies and well done to everyone for drinking the club out of Guinness!

March 16

  • Keith Ellis has moved some of the pipework from the ladies toilets and generally improved the toilets ready for tiling

One thing to note – donations of materials and equipment etc has gone past the £25,000 mark!

Donations of people’s time in equivalent labour hours cost has reached £22,000 worth of hours.

And that is before everyone comes on the day!

March 14

  • John Heywood and Tom McGoldrick have stripped all of the wallpaper from the ladies toilets ready for tiling. John also put in a shift on lifting the existing paving on the patio whilst Lee Grogan continued setting the wall near the players seating area.
  • The two Keith’s have been busy again dismantling nets, preparing the square and having plenty of cups of tea.
  • Big mention to Roger Smethurst for his ongoing work replacing the boundary edging around the ground.

March 13

  • A brilliant donation and one of the most important yet! Nathan Goodall and Bobby Cross went up to Marshalls at Ramsbottom on Friday afternoon and met Alan Burgess. Alan is Christine Grogan’s (Mick’s former wife and Mikey’s mum, who is sadly no longer with us) brother and he has been fantastic in finding and then donating enough paving flags for the whole patio area. This is in fantastic donation by Marshalls and will make a huge difference to the project.   Ian Counsell and Alan then delivered the first load of flags and a bonus supply of bricks for the retaining wall today with the remaining flags to follow. Cheers Crossy for the photo. (sky exposed well).


March 12

  • Harris Tiles deliver all of the tiles for the ladies toilets, floor and walls, wonderful donation to the club.
  • Build Center have delivered the blocks, sand and cement for the start of the retaining wall.

March 10

  • Work begins on lifting the existing patio, about half complete already, Dave Blundell and Keith Warren doing a great job.
  • Lee Grogan has reset most of the flags in front of the players seating area, great job by Lee, Callum and Thomas!
  • Tom McGoldrick and Sean Burrill cut down a lot of overhanging branches ready for the fence to be painted
  • Mark and Wes Hunt have done a great job with the lights in the ladies, now works on a sensor and is much brighter

March 9

  • Concrete is in the trench thanks to Precision Poured Concrete. Progress is being made and Keith and Nathan are on site supervising.
  • Tom McGoldrick and Bobby stripped the tiles from the ladies toilets last night in preparation for the refurbishment.
  • Harris Tiles have very kindly agreed to donate the tiles for the ladies, Vinny Ball of VB Tiling will be doing the tiling.
  • Build Center have launched the privilege card scheme which means that we get £500 to spend with them for £100 cost to the club. Blocks, sand and cement ordered!

    Concrete pouring courtesy Keith Caveney


March 8

  •  Kukri senior playing kit arrives! Kindly sponsored by Matt Cullen at Assist Recruitment as part of the event, thanks guys!
  • Concrete arriving tomorrow for the foundations of the patio and work starts tonight to prepare the toilets for tiling and renovation.
  • Dave Bramwell (Eastridge Construction) has pointed the rear wall and done a great job, many thanks Dave!
  • Keith Caveney has dismantled one of the old net frames which are no longer needed thanks to the Durant Cricket donation of a new net system on the square.

March 7

  • Dave Bramwell from Eastridge Construction has started work today preparing the rear of the club for pointing, he has offered to do the pointing for us as part of the event   Work will commence tomorrow afternoon on the ladies toilets, removal of existing tiles etc ready for new, anyone with an hour to spare is welcome to come and help out from about 6pm onwards.

March 6

  •  Advertising boards are nearly all ready, Mark at FastSigns Bolton will be delivering them all soon.
  • Keith Caveney and Keith Warren took delivery of the first of the Build Center materials for the foundations, the concrete is coming on Friday
  • Thanks to the Fire Brigade for helping us out with our water supply and hosing down the surrounding fencing, ready for our ‘Tom Saywer’ fence-painting exercise with the club’s young players on Cricketforce Day. Cheers to Keith Caveney for the picture and John Ogden for his help.


March 3

  • Work party at club preparing area for the installation of the new artificial nets following the £50,000 award from Sport England Inspired Facilities. Work continued cleaning the walls, fences and site screens ready for painting on the day   Boundary edging boards have been replaced in places where necessary. Once the materials arrive from Build Center it will be all action on the patio now that we are less than 4 weeks away from the event!


March 2

  • David De Cunha at Bowcom Ltd has donated a Bowdry Water Hog (approx £500) which he will present to the club on March 31st, more great support from a NatWest CricketForce partner.
  •  John Carney has been down to look at the job list and confirmed the Scouts will be down on the day helping clear the far flower beds, weeding, planting and maintenance.
  • Work to continue tomorrow, re-siting of saplings, preparation of wall for painting and preparation of covers storage area for seeding and turf all on the agenda!

March 1

  • Keith Ellis of Keith Ellis Plumbing has been down and is going to help with the plumbing side of the toilet renovations.
  • Plumbase Heywood have donated the toilets for the renovation, more to follow!

February 28

  •  The broadband has been ordered and will soon be installed by Kaberry Building Ltd to allow us to offer Wifi to members and guests.
  • Simon Timmins at Cromadex has confirmed they will provide the paint/coating for the gate and metal work at the rear of the club.
  • Jack Wilson, former player and first team captain makes a very generous donation towards the cause, thanks to Jack and Lily.

February 26

A great turn out for the work party this weekend; the cellar has been cleared and tidied to make life easier for the ground staff during the season.   In amongst all the work several items were found which will be restored and erected on the ground and in the clubhouse, some great Heywood memories.

February 25

  • Kavanagh & Coates Funeral Services Ltd have confirmed their support for the event and ongoing support for the club. Thanks to Anthony and Frank.
  • The TV lounge has been transformed thanks to the donations from Bury College.
  • Ant Nicholls and John Ogden have boarded the ceilings in the toilets ready for the new lights and plastering, both lads taking time off work to help the club out   All the materials for the ceilings (plasterboard, timber, adhesives etc) supplied free of charge by Travis Perkins on Green Lane with the help of Barbara Ogden. Thanks to Travis Perkins for the kind support.
  • Mark Wright is putting together the designs for the new advertising boards, will all be up for the day.

February 24

  • Thanks to Dave and Sue Hamill for donating a sofa for new pro Travis Townsend’s house.
  • Work party reminder for tomorrow (Saturday 25). Work continuing on jet washing the wall, clearing and reorganising the cellar, portakabin and dressing rooms and preparing the umpires room in the scorebox for the day so that we can get it back in use. It starts at 10am so anyone can come down and help who wants to.

February 21

  • We have already had several offers of support for John Adams-Fielding’s bike ride, thank you to those who have volunteered support
  • Keith, Dave Cross & Bobby picked up 50 new chairs, 10 round tables and some other furniture for the club all very generously donated by Bury College. Huge thanks to Nina Young for her continued help and support! Big thanks also to Kev Burke at KJ Plumbing in Bury for the loan of the van to transport everything back to HCC
  • Build Center have confirmed their support for the event and we are currently in discussions about materials with them
  • We have a house for the Pro thanks to the Pawson family! Anyone with spare furniture, television or anything that you can spare please get in touch.
  • Paul Taylor (Initial Kitchens) has measured up for the new kitchen that he is donating for the club, great news for everyone
  • We are still hoping that someone can provide the Pro with a car for the summer. Anyone with any contacts in the motor trade please let us know.

February 20

  • Bobby and Keith collected the paint from Dulux Decorator Centre in Rochdale, thanks to Tony for all his help and look forward to seeing him on the day. Thanks to DDC for their continued support for NatWest CricketForce.

February 19

  •  Lee Grogan put a sterling shift in on Sunday repointing and laying flags on the far wall.  Keith continued jet washing the wall.

February 18

  • Work party continued on Saturday, led by Keith Caveney and Tom McGoldrick and Dave Blundell with Mike Hogg again helping out with his pressure washer and expertise. The bushes in front of the pavilion are now replanted and Keith is making progress with preparing the wall for painting.

February 17

  • Work to continue this weekend, Mike Hogg (Groundcare Ltd) is lending the club his diesel pressure washer to prepare the wall for the painting on the day.
  • Replanting of bushes and general prep work to continue.
  • Dulux Decorator Centres have confirmed their donation of paint for the day, wonderful support from a NatWest CricketForce partner. Rochdale branch to supply the paint
  • Gary at Co-operative Travel in Heywood has arranged Travis Townsend’s flights for us and got us a great deal, thanks to Gary and his staff for their support

February 16

  • David Kaberry at Kaberry Building Ltd has donated his staff and materials to install broadband at the club to enable us to offer WiFi to members and guests   Kaberry Building Ltd are also providing two skips for the weekend, more great help from David and Donna
  • Mark Wright at FastSigns Bolton has offered to produce all the new advertising boards at cost for the event, nice gesture from a nice man!
  • Hamish has booked his flights and will be back in Heywood on 5th April in time for the friendlies!
  • Kukri have confirmed the new senior playing kit should be with us on 23rd March complete with Assist Recruitment logos, thanks again to Matt Cullen

February 15

  • LCCC Chief Executive Jim Cumbes will be with us on March 31st
  • Tons of furniture is on the way from Bury College, to be collected early next week
  • John Adams-Fielding’s bike ride is now online  (click here) please check it out, fantastic gesture
  • John Ogden and Jon Schofield have measured up for the ceiling renovation in the toilets and the foyer


February 13

We really need someone to provide the foundation course for the retaining wall on the new patio. The trench has been dug and cleared and now needs concrete or similar. Any ideas or offers of help gladly accepted!

  • Durant Cricket, an official partner of NWCF confirm their support, they will provide the new net system for the square, huge thanks to Cristian Durant and his company
  • Sport England banners and t-shirts arrive ready for the presentation award for the Inspired Facilities grant of £50,000 for the new nets to be built at the far end.
  • Chance2Shine banners arrive thanks to Sam Holt at the LCB.

February 11

Frozen conditions prevent much being done although prep work does start on the small wall on the far side thanks to Lee Grogan, Rob Slawson, Keith Caveney, Dave Blundell, Tom McGoldrick and Dave Cross.

February 10

Long time supporter John Adams-Fielding dedicates his Land’s End – John O’Groats bike ride in April/May to Heywood CC as part of CricketForce 2012. Any donations received will go to the club. Thanks John and good luck!

February 9

Bury College kindly offer to donate any furniture that they have left over following their renovation

February 8

The ECB have confirmed that Mike Gatting, the former England captain, will be at Heywood Cricket Club for our Natwest CricketForce Day, which is excellent news.

Gatt, as he is known, was England captain from 1986 to 1988, captain the country on 23 occasions.

He started his career slowly, and it took him 54 Test innings to scored his first Test century, which was a mammoth 207 against India in Madras in 1984. Graeme Fowler also scored a double century in the innings.

His two trademark strokes were the powerful square cut and the sublimely-timed leg glance through square leg or midwicket off the fastest bowlers of the day.

His most notorious moment came in 1987 when he confronted Pakistan umpire Shakoor Rana in Faisalabad after he claimed Gatt had been moving the field while the bowler was running in.

He was also famous for getting smacked on the nose by Malcolm Marshall in the Windies in 1986, and for the ‘Ball of the Century’ from Shame Warne in 1993.

More than that, however, he was a true character with plenty of fight and great footwork against the spinners.

And apparently, he is a grafter on CricketForce today so we should be glad to have him down.

Gatt’s statistics


Gatt v Rana 1987


February 6

  • Howarth Timber are donating 4 internal doors to improve the foyer area; thanks Stuart!
  • Wilds of Oldham have kindly donated some drinks to keep everyone hydrated on the day


February 4

Two more pictures of the graft going on.

Firstly, from Keith Caveney again, showing that Colin Cain is NOT all mouth and no trousers with his graft in the patio excavation work.

And secondly, from Stef Joesbury, who has brought down pasties for the workers.

I do notice, Stef, though that the picture is taken from INDOORS.

Work progressing spectacularly on the patio extension – the most important aspect of the makeover to the many HCC fanatics.

Tom McGoldrick in the thick of it again, along with Bobby Cross and Keith Caveney.

All going well and should be an area of noise, support and not a little criticism in coming years.

Picture courtesy of Keith Caveney. Roman coins NOT discovered, so Baldrick and his Time Team not on their way

February 2

  • Mike Hogg at Groundcare Ltd has volunteered to create a garden area just inside the club gates
  • Woodford Plastics have measured up the scorebox opening for a new plastic screen which they are very kindly donating
  • ECB confirm the Cricket Factory Roadshow will be arriving at 7am on March 31st. Operational at 10am!
  • Patio benches ordered from Badger Benches who have given us a great discount for the event
  • Gary Manners at Co-operative Travel in Heywood has offered up to a 5% discount for all club members and friends on their overseas holiday packages
  • Dave Leighton has confirmed that 250 NatWest CricketForce t-shirts are on their way!
  • Lancashire Cricket Board have provided us with an autographed bat from the championship winning side
  • ASDA Pilsworth confirm that they will be catering for us for some of the day, details to follow

February 1

Big thanks to Mike Hogg of Groundcare Garden Services Ltd for his help with the work on the patio today.

Mike brought down his digger and made a huge difference in helping dig out the foundations.

He was helped by Marcus and Keith Caveney, Colin Cain, Tom Cross and Nathan Goodall in what was proper dirty work.

Great work everyone and some real progress being made.

January 30

Work got underway on Sunday on renovating the patio area next to the clubhouse.

Heywood’s own ‘Kop’ is being refenced, extended and given a complete overhaul as part of Natwest Cricketforce Day 2012, but preparations have had to be done ahead of time.

Most of the work will be done on the day to make this area – unique, as far as I know, for it’s location and enthusiastic support within local league cricket – an even better place from which to watch cricket and a great area for drinks when there are functions being held and after the close of play.

To everyone’s relief, Michael Hogg of Groundcare Ltd has offered his mini digger! Work to continue on Wednesday.

'It's alright lads, they're from an animal!'

[Gallery not found]
  • Woodford Sheet Metals and Woodford Plastics both make a generous donation towards materials and offer machinery, thanks to Brian and Alan.
  • Paul Taylor at Proline Cabinets offers to donate the toilet cubicles. Vinny Ball has offered to tile the toilets.
  • Both Simon Dawson and Keith Ellis have offered to help install the new toilets and sink units.
  • Chance2Shine banners will be here in time for 31st.
  • John Ogden, Ant Nicholls, Chris Strudwick and others have volunteered to do the ceilings in the toilets.
  • Sport England signs and banners will arrive on 13th February to go up for the new nets.
  • Tom Cross and Keith Caveney have fixed the rear door in the members lounge!

January 27

Good news already from the seminar.

There was a fantastic response in terms of offers of time, materials and catering for the day itself. We also had people sponsor games, playing kit and people making themselves a member.

Debbie, one of our junior parents has offered to cater the whole morning from the van (Georgie Porgies) which is a brilliant offer and will keep us all fed and watered throughout the early part of the day!

We have had offers from junior parents and other members of help with the refurbishment of the toilets and there will be an update on this once we have had a site meeting to work out exactly what is needed.

January 25

We have already received pledges of support from a lot of businesses in and around Heywood ahead of Thursday 26 January seminar.

This is really appreciated and it’s a great start to what promises to be a lively couple of months.

Confirmations of help have been received from the following:

  • Heywood Accessories & Spares
  • The Stationery Shop
  • Dyson Doctor
  • Kaberry Building Ltd.
  • JD Sports plc
  • HC Recruitment
  • Walmersley Carpets
  • Horrox Cross & Wilkinson
  • Christine Sharp & Co.
  • KJ Plumbing Factors
  • NG Properties
  • Battersby’s Sport Ground Supplies
  • WH Tracey Limited
  • Frank Blakeley & Son Ltd.
  • JW Lees (Brewers) Ltd.
  • Kavanagh & Coates
  • A & A Motors
  • Woodford Sheet Metals Ltd.
  • Neil Frain Chartered Accountants
  • Archway Building Services Ltd
  • Groundcare Garden Services
  • NG Commerical Developments Ltd.
  • University of Bolton
  • Wilds of Oldham
  • Asda (Pilsworth)
  • Morrisons (Heywood)
  • Hopwood Media
  • Kaberry Construction Ltd.
  • The Spares Centre
  • Heywood Magic Market
  • Co-op Travel
  • The Crimble Restaurant
  • Scouts

Many thanks for the support!

January 23

  • ASDA Pilsworth to provide catering on the day
  • JD Sports pledge their support for the day


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  2. Ollie – As God is my witness Marcus was grafting. Mud on his face and all sorts. Good effort

  3. Scoop – If Andy Greenwood was your witness, this Natwest Cricketforce really is pulling in the general public! Even long gone ex-players are pitching in! Tremendous effort.

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