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Barry Hamilton only spent one year at Crimble, in 2003, but had a huge impact on the team at the time. A promising young side with some senior experience to guide them along and Barry brought passion, energy and an infectious will to win. The season of course culminated in the Wood Cup final win that would be the start of the most successful period in the club’s history:

Barry, front row second from left, with his Heywood teammates in 2003

Barry, front row second from left, with his Heywood teammates in 2003

Do you remember your Heywood debut?

Can’t remember the game, you know me that just wanting to do well and make an impact!

What was your favourite game for the club?

I have two both against Milnrow! A couple of weeks before the Wood Cup Final we played Milnrow in the League we were in a losing position batting 2nd, I managed to slay 49 and I think Will and Rob saw us home from a game we should have lost!

The Final was a brilliant day and the support we had was fantastic, the moment that sticks in my mind was my 2nd to last over, I had bowled quite tight but my 3rd and 4th balls went for consecutive 4s,as I get back to my mark I can see Rick Purser warming up! I love Purse to bits but it was like a red rag to a bull! The next ball I got the edge and JB took an amazing catch! Rob Slawson did the rest! A brilliant Day!

What was your favourite away ground?


Best Pro you played with and against?

Best Pro to play with Kelvin Williams he never got angry even though we wanted him to! A true gentleman. Also Johan Botha the ultimate Professional.

Best Pro to Play against Carl Hooper I did get him 2 or 3 times for a lot!

Best amateurs?

Best amateur to play with Simon Kennedy (with his head on).

Best Amateur to play against Bob Cooke.

What is your best on field memory?

Best memory on the field playing for the League Cricket Conference against West Indies U19s that team included Chanderpaul, Merv Dillon and a few others! It was at Shenley which is the same size as the Oval I hit the Winning runs to my favourite corner!!! It was a massive 6!

What about off the field?

Best memory off the field Playing at Crompton away for Middleton we are bowling first, I’m at the bar getting a soft drink, the phone’s ringing out, I decide to answer, it’s for Alan Whiston their opening bat, I said he wouldn’t be long!!!

I told Alan this he wasn’t happy! We are still friends to this day!

When I was 21 I had my first Professional job with A&T in the Bolton Association, I didn’t have a lot of money, I rang round a few people to see if they could sponsor in any way, one of them being David Fare, he bought me my white helmet which lasted over 25 years!!! (Thank you)

I’ve been fortunate to play with and against some amazing cricketers and fantastic personalities! I miss it like mad and thank god no one can take our memories away! When everything is back to normal and anyone is visiting Poole there’s always a beer in!

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  2 Responses to “Crimble Memories – Barry Hamilton”

  1. From being on our knees as a club and team in the late 90′s, the transition through Bruce Hara, Suggy and Johan Louw moved to another level in ’03 when three key people arrived. Craig Glancy, Johan Botha and Baz Ham. Those guys helped turn a talented team with bags of potential into a winning team, fearing no one and willing to take on anyone.

    Johan went onto international success, Plucker was the Aussie we all wanted and loved. Feared no one, took no grief and gave everything for the club. Baz Ham brought something we’d not seen before as younger players. A desire and will to win that was infectious as the article says. Baz would go up for LBW’s in the nets or if he nicked you off in practice he’d be in your face letting you know. He turned nets into a battle and he challenged you constantly. That challenge really turned the beliefs of a lot of the team. Not only could and would we compete, we’d get on the front foot and make sure we won games we’d probably have lost in previous years.

    Like Hara in ’99 and 2000. Baz Ham was a man the club needed in ’03.

  2. Hi Rob, thank you for your kind words!! Great memories!!

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