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John Rhodes, David Lloyd, Bob Cross and Mike Law


Final update and pictures from today taken from around the ground.

The patio is still being worked on and the cleaning up is well under way.

Brilliant effort at a brilliant club.

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The presentation was made by Mike Gatting earlier on.

In it, he praised the club for its efforts in becoming a NatWest Cricketforce 2012 Showcase Club and thanked NatWest, the LCB and the ECB for their efforts in promoting cricket.

Bobby was presented with a plaque from NatWest to commemorate the day and then the club was presented with a signed England cricket shirt from the ECB as reward for our efforts.

Rick Purser, ground chairman, received a water hog – to remove water from a wet pitch – from Bowdry, whose donation is gratefully received.

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Just witnessed one of the greatest moments in Heywood CC history.

More than 100 members – men, women and children – raced around the scoreboard fence to paint more than 112 metres of fence in just 11 and a half minutes.

Mike Gatting and Stephen Moore – who came straight to the club after arriving from Dubai this morning – mucked in, as did the club chairman Mike Law.

Fabulous effort.

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John Fielding, who is doing a Land’s End to John O’Groats bike ride for Heywood CC, is in his element as David Lloyd, Mike Gatting and John Holder chat to him about his trip.

Meanwhile, Bumble takes to the nets …

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Bumble (David Lloyd) and Mike Gatting arrive at Heywood CC to join the hundreds hard at work at Crimble.

It’s turning out to be a success far beyond what I could ever have imagined.

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There’s close to 100 people here now before the event has officially opened. Everything progressing well and the bacon butties are being served.

Progress on whitewashing the surrounding wall is progressing in typical Tom Sawyer fashion and everyone – club chairman, ECB, LCB and NatWest representatives included.

Durrant Cricket are also here installing our new on-the-square nets. Thanks to them and their generous donation.

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The painting of the walls has started, with the club’s junior players doing a great job already.

Big H is getting ready to set up and the sweet smell of hard work and enjoyment is in the air.

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ECB Cricket Roadshow is completed and volunteers from ASDA are here in the kitchen ready to dole out the bacon butties and coffees for everyone.

Thanks to ASDA for this.

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This is a link to England coach and former Heywood CC overseas and pro Andy Flower talking about Heywood CC ahead of the day.,317280,EN.html


First set of pictures from the morning as work gets under way. Already the ladies toilets are well underway and Grogy is hard at it already re-paving the hard seating areas around the ground.

Ladies readying the kitchen area and the reception area is already up.

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After a mountain of hard work and great donations, NatWest Cricketforce 2012 is finally here at Heywood CC.

All the pictures and events of the day at Crimble will be posted here as the day progresses, live from the newly-installed ‘media hub’.

We’ll be updating on Twitter and Facebook as and when there’s news on this rolling update so keep tuning in to see and read about what should be a wonderful day.

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  2 Responses to “NatWest Cricketforce 2012 Day @ Crimble – As It Happens”

  1. As Secretary of the club I would just like to re-iterate the Presidents remarks last night and say a very big thank you to eveyone who turned up yesterday to make the NatWest CricketForce day one of the most successful days in the Club’s history. I have just counted the Registration forms and there were 275 people registered via the registration desk, not to mention those who were at the club very early in the morning prior to registration being opened. I reckon there were in excess of 325 people at Heywood C.C. yesterday.I would like on behalf of all the members of the club to say an extra big thank you to Bobby Cross who was the mastermind of the whole operation. Thank you Bobby it was a tremendous effort on your part. Well done everyone and thank you.

  2. It has not gone without notice the ammount of very long hours and organisation skills you have contributed.

    Many thanks, a very happy member.

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