Jan 232019

HEYWOOD have reluctantly been obliged to increase their prices at the bar in their Crimble pavilion.

Middleton-based John Willie-Lees, who have generously sponsored the Club for more than 30 years, have been forced to pass on increases which have affected the brewing industry.

Spokesman Wlliam Lees-Jones explained: “This year has seen some of the highest cost increases that I have ever seen, including gas, electricity and malted barley all being affected significantly.

“Therefore, it is with regret that we are putting up our prices.”

The Heywood Committee discussed the matter at a recent meeting, and chairman John Rhodes said: “We have tried to shield our members from price increases in recent times, but cannot afford to absorb these latest costs that are affecting the industry generally.

“However, our prices will still be competitive, and we will make sure that our members in particular are not hit too hard in their pockets.”

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