Dec 162012

Heywood CC members were royally entertained by the excellent Middleton Youth Band on Sunday night.

Crimble was packed for the annual Christmas Carol Concert, and the young band were in top form.

Some of them had only been playing for 18 months and some were as young as nine, but with tunes ranging from the theme from Rocky to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, they showed they have a bright future.

One of the highlights was the 12 Days of Christmas, which saw everyone participate. Janine Ferguson, Denis Booth and Terry Hilton, among others, got into the spirit.

Earlier in the day, Keith ‘Father Christmas’ Warren was the star of the show at the Children’s Christmas Party.

More than 30 children enjoyed an excellent afternoon. Thanks to Keith, Yvonne and Gwen, among others.

It was also the traditional All Year Rounders day out. They were in various states of inebriation, but again emphasised the great togetherness of this great club.

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