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Mike Arnold arrived at Heywood for the 2000 season after an illustrious career at Milnrow and would go on to play until retiring at the end of the double winning season in 2006. Arnie brought vast experience and no shortage of runs to a young side and would go on to skipper the side in 2002 and 2003 leading the side to the first Wood Cup triumph at the start of that run.

Mike with his side after victory at Middleton

Mike with his side after victory at Middleton

1. What was your favourite game for Heywood?

The Wood Cup Final v Milnrow at Walsden. Great day out from start to finish.

2.What was your favourite away ground?

The Coppice – loved the bounce.

3. Who was the best Pro you played with?

For Heywood, Sherwin. The flawless hundred he made against ‘boro was my favourite innings. He had just drove 200 miles after being on the lash,with no sleep for a 6pm start on a Monday night and smashed a brilliant century.

4. What about the best Pro you played against?

Batsman – Carl Hooper, Bowler – Curtley Ambrose, All rounder – Asif Mujtaba

5. Who was the best amateur you played against?

Batsman – John Punchard. Played the best hook shot I’ve ever seen from an amateur off Hartley Alleyne bowling rockets. Bowler – Marvelous Mel Whittle on a sticky wicket. All rounder – Paul Rocca. Unorthadox batsman with great eye. Used every trick,in and out of the book when bowling.

6. And what about the best amateur you played with?

Batsmen played with: Chaddy, Kev Howard, Simon Bamford, Crossy. Bowler – Dave Norris

7. What was your best on field memory?

Rob Slawson taking the last wicket in the Wood Cup final v Milnrow.

8. What about off the field?

Celebrating the double in 2006 and walking home to Rochdale in the early hours after throwing up in front of the pavilion. Old Norman Coates drunk in our changing room at Royton. Chris Heywood’s son Matt paying to get in the ground and ended up playing and being fined also at Royton. The infamous ‘ball bearings’ speech by Harold Pickup. The overseas thought he was being serious!

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  5 Responses to “Crimble Memories – Mike Arnold”

  1. Its Monday morning and i’m in tears here laughing. I’d forgotten all about Matt away at Royton. Turns up, pays his £2 to watch. Someone pulls a fetlock, Matt gets collered to field as a sub. Gets whacked £2 in the changing room fines for turning up late. No beer for H and £4 worse off. Those were the days and the moments I miss the most.

  2. Great keep em coming

  3. Dogs, the Matt Heywood incident was after Wilky got a crack on the wrist at gully and had to go off for an X-Ray. We spotted Matt in the crowd up on the hill about 3 pints in and persuaded him to come on.

    First issue was that he had to wear Wilky’s whites, and those that knew Wilky would remember he had different dimensions to H, so they weren’t exactly a tailored fit.

    After the match in fines it got to Matt and he got done for being late, missing the warm up, borrowed kit, dirty kit, ill fitting kit, dropping a catch and fielding under the influence, an easy £2. As he coughed up he complained that it had already cost him £3 on the gate to get in!

  4. Great day that. I enjoyed it immensely.

    You’ve missed out my run out to the non strikers which turned the game

  5. Brilliant stuff. Thanks goodness Arny came to Heywood.

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