Sep 142012

Here’s hoping for lots of big scores big scores on the final weekend of the season – especially from Heywood and Middleton.

Both clubs have decided to donate any collections earned this weekend to Radcliffe pro Phil Hayes’ ‘Ironman’ triathlon this weekend.

Phil has been preparing for the event, held this weekend, to raise funds for Christie’s Hospital in Manchester.

Cancer charities are close to Phil’s heart, and Middleton captain Steve Davey has led the way in donating any money received from collections to Phil. Heywood captain Bobby Cross has been similarly touched by Phil’s bid.

Phil picked this Saturday for his fund-raising effort as when he decided to undergo the gruelling event, there was no game scheduled for this weekend.

However, with the game on April 22 being called off and being replayed on tomorrow, Phil and Radcliffe have been hit with some bad news from the CLL’s management.

They are not allowed to engage a sub pro for the trip to Walsden, and are going to be hit with a £250 fine for failure to play with a professional.

It would be great if the CLL community of players and fans could find a way to do the same thing as Middleton and Heywood and donate money to Phil’s cause and send a message to the league that there are bigger issues than rigidly sticking to the rules.


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  7 Responses to “Clubs To Help Radcliffe Pro In Cancer Charity Bid”

  1. Phil Hayes makes a commitment to raise much needed funds for a very worthy charity and then along come the spoil sports.
    CLL management more like a bunch of narrow minded muppets.
    I suggest Heywood seek the support other clubs to have the fine overturned at the next league meeting.

  2. with alot of CLL clubs struggling just to keep afloat and be able to keep clubs in the local areas providing the oppertunites to juniors and seniors to play cricket the last thing clubs need is the old farts of the ccl management to impose stupid fines on clubs for a worthy charity cause
    a big thank you to both clubs for there support

  3. Sounds like good news already, the CLL have reversed their decision and will allow a sub-pro, but are still considering the fine. Surely not!

  4. Before stories are printed should one not get the full facts so that the truth can read and not somebodies tittletattle

  5. Good luck to Bobby, Roger and the teams in this important weekends fixtures.
    Also good luck to Scott and U/18′s in your cup match.
    Come On HCC
    The Caveneys and The Fergusons ( California )

  6. congratulations 2 norden who have won the 2nd x1league..Cll mite even consider producing up to date tables next year to help teams think they may have a chance of winning things – as walsden,rochdale, heywood & middleton have had to guess the league situatuion all year, CLL ENTER THE 21ST CENTURY.

    Well done Hamish a top bloke & a top cricketer shame u didn’t win silverware. 2good years. your brother has a lot to live up to !!!

  7. Re: The CLL website and the tables being updated, part of the problem has been clubs not sending in the result sheet. It is impossible to guess a league table without them. Give the admin a break, it is not their fault we do not send them back!

    Re: The season, well done Heywood – it can only mean you are going in the right direction and success will follow soon enough.

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