May 042012

Heywood-Under 9′s got underway at Crimble to great support from parents and club members alike.

They were treated to a wicket on the square by the groundstaff and although they came up against a much more experience Bury side the boys and girls had plenty of fun getting to grips with the game.

Bury showed the advantage of an established under-9′s team as all of their boys were competent with both bat and ball having played for two seasons.

Heywood, on the other hand, are almost all new to the game and have only had four training sessions prior to the game.

However everyone had a bat and bowl and there were some cheers from the crowd as Ben Taylor, Jacob Kaye and Isobel Sweeney hit the stumps to claim their first wickets for the team.

Joe Carter was captain and the wicket keeping was shared around.

It will be a good indicator to our development when we come up against Bury later in the season.

Bobby Cross, who stood in for coach and sister Kate – away on playing duty – said: “”There is obviously a lot for the team to learn but to see the smiles on the kids faces when they hit a good shot or took a wicket makes it all worthwhile.”

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  1. Some good photos there Scott! Hopefully with a few more training sessions we will be okay in a few weeks :)

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