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In what we hope will be a series of interesting articles for club supporters we are going to look back on some of the best players to have played for the club, whether over a whole career or just for one season. We will look at both professionals and amateurs and a variety of different records. They may prompt some comment and discussion!

Thanks for some of the facts and figures must go to three people who have kept an astonishing archive of club records. The late Vernon Connolly began the archive many years ago before passing on the task to the late Flo Cromarty who continued his good work. Latterly, David Cross has taken over the upkeep of the records, including the inclusion of all the Lancashire Knock Out and National Knock Out figures, and we thank all three for their countless hours of work.

The first of these pieces showcases the top 20 all time amateur wicket takers for the club.

Bowling All Time

As many people will know, Chris Kaye overtook David Fare’s record several years ago and has an incredible 949 first team wickets to his name.

Chris Kaye

Chris Kaye

Long time Chairman, Fare remains in second on the list having overtaken the current President, Bob Cross, who had himself previously led the way. Bob remains the highest seam bowling wicket taker on the list.

Some other familiar names appear on the list and supporters will no doubt remember Derek Page and more latterly Will Purser who were both highly effective pace bowlers.

Rob Slawson, one of the most successful players in terms of silverware, completes the top 10 of the list with his 286 wickets, just ahead of former captain and now coach Bob Dearden.

Rob Slawson

Rob Slawson

Bob Horrox, former opening bowling (and business) partner of Bob Cross features in the table along with popular all rounder Ralph Farmer, who continues to support the club.

Of the current first team it is great to see Simon Dawson break into the top 20 after another good season with the new ball and we hope Simon can continue to push his way up the list.

Jack Morley already has 124 senior wickets to his name and no doubt will climb the list in coming years if his Lancashire and England commitments allow.

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