Apr 062015


Work to get Crimble ready for the news season moved forward apace on Easter Sunday.

Players and members gathered at Crimble to paint, clean and do essential pre-season work on the ground.

Even before work started, the ground looked perfectly in tune with its surroundings, as integral to the whole of Queen’s Park as the lake or the bandstand.

But with the pavilion cleaned, steps swept and whitewashed and square cut – among other, less evident work – the venerable old ground looked as good as ever at is enters its 94th year.

And it was a fitting start to the 150th anniversary of the club, which we celebrate this year.

One area of the ground that does need a little work yet is the centre of the square, which has been laser-levelled and re-laid to provide better wickets in future years.

This needs some sun on it to get the grass growing properly, and even though these wickets will not be in use this year, they are draining very well already and will be good to field on come the started of the season.

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