Aug 132013

Heywood will take on Northern in the semi-final of the LCB KO Cup on Sunday, 1 September.

The game at home to Walsden, scheduled for that day, will be brought forward to the Saturday, 31 August.

Sadly, should our under-18s win their own semi-final this week, the final is to be played on the same Saturday – the game, therefore, will have to be away and presumably with a below-strength side.

Northern have a league game on the bank holiday Monday and we have league games on all the Sundays between now and then.

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  11 Responses to “LCB KO CUP: Northern Date Confirmed As Sunday, 1 September”

  1. Surely,if Heywood under 18s win their semi-final,then the Taylor Cup final will be moved to September 7?

  2. This is from the cricket chairman, a man not prone to error …

  3. Watch this space for further news on this.
    Walsden, because they have a charity event on the 31st August are asking for another date.

    I am dealing with this today, there is a possibility that the Walsden game (1st & 2nds)
    could be on the 7th Sept.

    Will post asap.

  4. Coach booked-put your name on list if you want to travel. List available from Tuesday evening

  5. Just to add to the situation the 3rds are due to play at home on the Saturday 31st against Walsden 3rds which is a re-arranged fixture from the Wood Cup Final day 4th Aug.

    Please let me know what the final plan is, we may need to change this fixture with Walsden and the MD&A league?

    I will do nothing until confirmed either way…………

  6. A much more pressing matter with Northern CC which will no doubt cause a problem for many Heywood followers is a large sign at the entrance to the ground which states: NO DOGS ALLOWED

  7. Still no decision on this, apparently Walsden are are none to happy to have to play on a different date to the rest of the clubs! I have left it that the CLL management committee to give a ruling on it one way or another.

    The CLL committee will need to be strong on this

  8. Very interesting. I’ll blow our own trumpet on this one – at this moment in time we are the flagship club for the league and every chance should be given to show the CLL in a positive light on a county-wide basis at a time when good clubs with ambition are looking at the future of local league cricket. There are wider issues here than just keeping Walsden happy, who, I am sad to hear, are not co-operating about this – as a club who seem to want to progress and make a name for themselves, I would hope we would change dates without a murmur if the roles were reversed. We are into the semis of the LCB KO, for God’s sake. The CLL membership should see this as an incentive for them. Let’s hope the CLL management committee make the right decision, because for me there are serious ramifications from a failure to be strong here.

  9. Aaaah the enviable issues of fixture congestion borne out of success at all levels!
    May our self induced ‘problems’ of this type continue for many more years!
    By the way has anybody thought of dividing our ground in half so we can play two games at once – will still have bigger boundaries than some grounds……..?

  10. No dogs at Northern ……………………… i’ll not bother then !!

    *shrugs shoulders, turns round and gets his coat*

  11. I can now confirm that the Northern game will be on September 1st.
    The game against Walsden scheduled for that day will now be on September 7th
    (1st team only)

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