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Heywood’s firsts and seconds face crucial fixtures this weekend.

The firsts are at home to Unsworth and Clifton, the Unsworth fixture re-arranged from earlier this season.

Unsworth were hammered by Heywood at Pole Lane, but pro Jon Fowler has caused Heywood problems before, while Clifton beat Heywood at their Manchester Road ground this season, and ran them close in the Wood Cup.

The tougher games, however, are for the seconds who are now only four points ahead (I think) of Norden, who have the ridiculous re-arranged fixture to their advantage (that was when the league sanctioned replayed fixtures, even though Heywood managed to be the only team to beat the weather and then beat Werneth early in the season).

Both teams have caused Heywood problems at times in the past and the seconds need to bounce back in style.

Heywood CC 1st XI (v Unsworth, h, Saturday. Start 12.30pm, meet 11.30am) R Cross, R Zelem, D Pawson, C Maguire, A Fawcett, R Slawson, J Lovell, H Naeem, H Paterson, C Kaye, T Townsend. Sunday v Clifton, h, same start and meet times: D Latham for A Fawcett.

Heywood CC 2nd XI (v Unsworth, a, Saturday. Start 12.30pm, meet 11.30am) R Smethurst, P Dawson, S Dawson, A Dawson, W Hunt, L Grogan, D Fawcett, S Jones, S Byrne, R Purser, S Burrill. Sunday v Clifton, h, same start and meet times: A Fawcett for L Grogan.

Heywood CC 3rd XI (v SW Manchester, a, Sunday. Start 12.45pm, meet 11.15am) P Mills, S McConnell, T McGoldrick, C Openshaw, J Mills, K Peters, S Chapman, B Thulborn, M Kay, K Nugent, D James.

Full CLL fixtures – Saturday: Ashton v Middleton; Crompton v Norden; Heywood v Unsworth; Littleborough v Werneth; Monton &  Weaste v Clifton; Oldham v Walsden; Radcliffe v Royton; Rochdale v Milnrow.

Sunday:  Ashton v Norden; Crompton v Werneth; Heywood v Clifton; Littleborough v Unsworth; Monton & Weaste v Milnrow; Oldham v Middleton; Radcliffe v Walsden; Rochdale v Royton

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  10 Responses to “Heywood CC Teams And Weekend Fixtures”

  1. Anyone know how to get a correct CLL second X1 league table.?
    As I understand it, the top of the table should be something like this……but I’m not sure

    Heywood P27 88 pts
    Norden P26 85 pts
    Rochdale P26 82 pts
    Walsden P26 81 pts

  2. Mark – no one knows!! Norden think it is four points, Rog thought it was three, and Bobby thought it was about 8. Shambles

  3. The second x1 tables always seem to be a couple of weeks behind for some reason.
    Quick phone call to whoever does the updates to ask for the table to be brought up to date at this important stage??? How on earth are Rochdale showing as playing 4 games less?
    As you sat Scott – shambles.

  4. Chaps i have tried to contact the Web Manager & also spoken with Alan Wright re the state of the league table. He puts the blame firmly on Rochdale’s door as they have apparantley not submitted 4 score sheets – 3 of these being for games they had rained off (1 being against us which would give us another 2 points). None submission of a score sheet should lead to a fine. However unlike the first team who have to phone match results through at the end of a game, second team results are collated solely from the submission by post of the paper score sheet – life in the 21st century !!!

    I have suggested as a league rule for next year, given the need for accurate tables with promotion and relegation, that 2nd team results should also be phoned in.

    I think table will be something like

    HEYWOOD 89
    NORDEN 85
    WALSDEN 81

    This is obviously with all teams below us having a game in hand.

    Norden are apparantely that concerned by ending the season trophy less they are dropping 1st team players into the 2nd team to try and ensure they win the 2nd team league !! The 2 games they have to play against Crompton and 1 each against Ashton & M & W must be causing them much anxiety !!! Wonder if they’ll be arranging to transport their own mopping up gear around with them as well ???

  5. Shame we didn’t get the chance to dismantle Norden on ‘Stag Park’ (arf arf), aka Woodhouse Lane, aka Postage Stamp. That would put an end to that. I think them dropping players would show them up for the club they are, so let them do it. As for the league, my views are well known. Browny has some interesting things to say, when I get round to posting it.
    The fact that our seconds have got to a final and are leading the league, and that our firsts are pushing for the title, as well as our 18s being in the Taylor Cup final, and an excellent season from the under-11s especially shows our club is in a fine shape, regardless of what happens now. We should be proud even if we don’t win anything.

  6. As you say Rog, those four remaining games against Crompton (x2), Ashton and Monton must be causing mainly sleepless nights!
    Will be amazed though if the weather doesn’t continue to have a big say in the outcome – would rather be in our position with points on the board.
    I must say though that I am most perturbed that the biggest prize of all hasn’t had a mention and I’m sure Mark will be think exactly the same. I speak of course of the subsid – shame on you all eh Mark!

  7. Now look what you’ve started Dave – I’ve got all upset now about the shambolic state of the SUBSID.
    For instance, do the REARRANGED games on the 15th September count in the last six games ?. If so, have we already got 5 points towards the Subsid ? Or do we get 0 pts because we’re not playing? Or is it our last six games played that count for us? I bet NOBODY at League level has given it a second thought – How can a well oiled second team under the astute stewardship of the Sherrif, hope to perform in the Subsid when we don’t know when our last six games start ? No wonder we have temporarily lost our way. Its probably why we lost the Burton Cup with all the confusion in the dressing room

    I’m only joking of course, but it is indicative of yet more confusion over this rearranged fixture that would have been avoided if the league acted on all known precedent.

    Anyway I’m off now to cool down before I blow a gasket. Good luck to the 1st and 2nd team lads this weekend

  8. What about the sub-subsid?

  9. What about the subsid???
    We have 24 warm up games for the subsid – its the most important comp of the season – its why we play the game!

  10. never a true word spoken hilts , the wood / burton cup all league games and the 20/20 is just the pre cursor to what is the blue ribbon event of the season. successful seasons are measured on silverware and whilst there would always be a place in the cabinet for the other said trophies the subsid or even sub subsid would take pride of place at the front. the surprising thing to me is the time and effort clearly shown by the players throughout the season building towards this momentus dogfight at the end of the season is not recognised by the club by awarding players with a medal at the end. im sure mark wright would agree. .

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