Feb 132012

There has been further great news today as part of NatWest CricketForce 2012 for Heywood Cricket Club.

Durant Cricket, who are an official NatWest CricketForce partner, have donated not only a flat sheet cover to the club but also a new net system which will be installed on the square. The saving in financial terms to the club is in the thousands.

The flat sheet will enable the hard working ground staff to cover even more wickets in the busier periods of the season and coupled with the renovation of the old covers it will mean that in the run up to big games and double headed weekends larger areas of the square can be protected.

The net system is based upon a series of sockets which will be installed on the square. Poles are then dropped in and netting attached. This will be far easier to manage than the existing system and will be safer as the system can be stored away when not in use.

Coupled with the imminent construction of the artificial nets at the Queen’s Park end of the ground the opportunities for practice and coaching have never been as great and it will allow more players to safely practice at any one time.

The club extends it’s grateful thanks to Durant Cricket and we look forward to seeing the team on the 31st March.

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