Aug 032012

The spade which dug the first sod at Crimble

The grandson of the man who gave Crimble to Heywood CC paid his first ever visit to the ground last weekend.

Tony Healey

Tony Healey, a solicitor from Cheshire, is the grandson of Alderman David Healey, who gave the land to the club in 1920.

Heywood had previously played at Pot Hall – up where St Joseph’s School is – but the move to Crimble signalled a new era for the club.

Tony brought with him a copy of the Heywood Advertiser from the day the Crimble was opened, as well as the silver spade, shown above, which was used to dig the first sod in 1920.

The ground was opened on April 23 1921, when a Lancashire County XI played an England XI that boasted Yorkshire and England greats such as Wilfred Rhodes and George Hirst.

Many thanks to Tony for the visit.

The team sheet for the first game at Crimble in 1921

Tony Healey with various HCC notables on the patio against Monton last week


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  6 Responses to “Crimble History Comes To Life After Healey Visit”

  1. Sorry Scoop your geography is a bit out the original ground at Pot Hall is still in existence and was for many years a football ground used by local amatuer teams. It is located between the East Lancashire Railway and the houses on the north side of Walton Street and is accessed from Royal Avenue. See Google Maps

  2. I don’t know where it is, although I don’t say it isn’t in existence. Not explicitly anyway!

  3. Looking forward to returning to Crimble on Saturday to see some old(er) familiar faces. Hope Heywood bat better against Ashton than they did on tour in Malvern!!

  4. Great piece Scoop, but you could have just asked Shag. I think he was 12th man for that 1st game

  5. Think my grandfather played for Heywood around this time . Also his father and other members of the family were involved in the club . His name is Clifford Greenhalgh would be grateful if anyone involved in Heywood Cricket club could fill in any gaps in the family history.

  6. Hi David,

    I have sent you an email with some information about your grandfather from our records, hope it is helpful!


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