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As part of my organisation of the day, you may know that I always visit the pubs beforehand and speak to the owners / landlords. I also have contacted the landladies after the race trip this week as a courtesy.

For those that went on the trip, I can report that……………….

1. Nikki at the Masons Arms has experienced ill-mannered and rude parties of racegoers in the past and she was highly delighted that we were clearly a well-behaved and well-dressed group of intelligent and handsome men.

Joking aside, she did make comment that we were a joy to have and she appreciated the business. She asked if the breakfast service was thought of as good, and I replied in the positive.

2. Louise at the Queens Head really enjoyed the evening as it was a different sort of evening for them (they don’t usually have a full house).

She asked if we were happy with the food and I think I was OK to answer on our behalf that it was excellent. Louise enjoyed having us so much that she wants to do breakfast and evening meal for us next year. This will especially please Scoop who took a bit of a shine to Louise! And I know a few others did. Obviously a bit early to be talking about next year’s trip but its good to have a good pub that would want 50 drunken men waiting in the wings. Scoop said that Louise could wait in his wings anyday.

All in all, not only was it enjoyable for us, we clearly represent the club in the best light. Our dress code and general behaviour always see to that, and long may it continue. We must continue in not mixing with the general riff raff and keep our jacket and tie policy. Well done to Dennis for the excellent quiz. (anybody remember who won?). Well done to everyone for being on time for all the pick ups, especially Graham.

Well done to Hamish for a moving speech. Well done to the horse Jonny Lesters Hair for romping home in the fourth race (nice little earner for yours truly). Well done to Fash for being a persuasive Rounder Upper.

Well done Scoop for the pictures that will follow and incriminate

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  3 Responses to “Wrighty’s Ripon Race Trip Review”

  1. Extremely sad to have missed the trip – schoolboy error on my part in terms of holiday planning – was thinking about you at various intervals whilst laying by the pool on the Saturday with beer in hand and wondering how many big John would be up to by now!
    Hope you all had a great day – I’m sure you did!

  2. Sounds and looks like another successful outing, glad everyone enjoyed the day!… Pleased that our Rob was able to get sufficiently oiled without missing any sporting commitments the following day.

    Two questions: What time was the first drink and how many total did Farrah polish off throughout the day?

  3. First drink about 9.30 Ollie. Followed by many more. John was talking fondly about the day he had 8 before leaving the first pub. He seemed quite sensible on the day.
    Your brother must have mixed water with his ale as he was the picture of sobriety

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