Oct 122011

A call to arms is being issued to every man, woman and child (okay, not the latter, that would be exploitation) to help prepare Crimble for the rigours of winter.

This Saturday morning players and members are donning their work gear to do all the jobs around the ground that need to be done before the onset of the nasty weather.

Work will include bringing in the benches, paving the patio (it has to be done to provide our vocal supporters with the surface they deserve from which to back their teams), stripping down the covers and general tidying work.

It’s a hard but rewarding job, without which Crimble will never look its best. It’s because of such efforts – especially with the benches – that come the start of the season, the ground looks such a picture.

It’s usually a few diehards who come and do all the work, and at the moment about a dozen have confirmed they will attend. But there is room for many more people to come and do their bit for the club. It’s a great way to meet a few more people and to do something which will help make the great old ground ready for yourself, your friends and your family in 2011.

We are meeting at 10.30am, and I am assured by Bobby Cross that the weather will be improving this weekend. We will also be putting the Liverpool v Man Utd game on in the main room during the afternoon, the perfect way to wind down (!) after a hard morning’s work with a few drinks.

It’s a worthwhile task and we would love anyone to come and help. Any help, no matter how small, will be really appreciated.

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  1. Scoop, just as I read this the sun has come out and I can guarantee it will be even nicer on Saturday. There is also the lure of bacon sarnies for the work party on Saturday morning, as if any more incentive was needed!

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