Apr 122016

BY STEVE MCHUGH: HEYWOOD are staying optimistic that Saturday’s opening game at home to Glossop (12.30) in the Premier Division of the new Greater Manchester Cricket League will go ahead.

The shocking winter and early spring weather has meant that grounds at most clubs have suffered in some way or other, and Crimble has been no exception despite the unstinting efforts of the ground crew.

The League itself has decided that games should proceed if at all possible, and Heywood groundsman Rob Bennett has managed to prepare a wicket.

However, a spell of dry weather would do wonders for the ground in general and the prognosis in the build-up to the game is improved, unsettled, or poor – depending on which forecast you believe!

The game against Glossop promises to be a clash of two sides hoping to be among the leading lights in the inaugural season.

And Cricket Chairman David Fare said: “The fact that the League want to see games go ahead on Saturday is a plus for me. It is a start of a new era for Heywood and it is important that as many people as possible try to get down and lend their support.”

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