Apr 022012

A few quotes sent to me from Bobby that he picked up on Saturday from Crimble.

Superb stuff, especially the final one from Bumble ….

Stephen Moore: “You would love to play your club cricket here every weekend.”

Mike Gatting: “I have never known as many people stay behind after one of these events and share the experience together.”

John Ogden: “What a great day, best club in the country!”

Bobby Cross: “Never been prouder to be part of Heywood CC as I am today.”

Jack Wilson: “I never thought I would live to see a day like this at Heywood CC, what a wonderful day.”

Bob Cross: “This day will go down in the annals of the club as one of the great days in our history.”

Hannah Tomlinson (ECB): “Just about got all the paint off after NWCF day at Heywood CC. Fantastic club and lovely people.”

Bobby Denning (LCB): “I haven’t spoken to a single person who has had anything negative to say, in fact, totally the opposite.”
Jim Cumbes: “I always remembered Heywood CC being one of the big forces in local cricket, it’s great to see that returning.”

David Lloyd: “Look at this lad here, Wes Hunt, he is swinging like a rusty gate.”

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