Apr 252012

Wes Hunt has been included in the first team to face Unsworth at Crimble on Sunday.

He and Chris Kaye are in the team to replace Lee Grogan, who is on his stag do in Spain, and Steve Wallwork, who is unavailable.

Veteran Sean McConnell is brought into the first team, while there are first appearances this season for youngsters Dom Fawcett, returning from injury, and Callum Openshaw behind the stumps.

Heywood CC 1st XI (v Unsworth, h, Sunday. Start 1.15pm, meet club 12.15pm) R Cross (c), R Zelem, D Pawson (wk), D Latham, W Hunt, J Lovell, H Naeem, H Paterson, C Kaye, R Slawson, T Townsend (pro).
Heywood CC 2nd XI (v Unsworth, a, Sunday. Start 1.15pm, meet club 12pm) R Smethurst (c), S Dawson, A Dawson, P Dawson, T Blundell, C Booth, S McConnell, D Fawcett, S Burrill, R Purser, C Openshaw (wk).

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