Jun 272018

HEYWOOD’S first and second teams face a double dose of League and Cup action this coming weekend (June 30 and July 1).

The senior side go to high-flying Clifton in the Greater Manchester Premier League on Saturday, and host Oldham area club Glodwick in the quarter-final of the Derek Kay 1st X1 Cup on Sunday.

The 2nd X1, meanwhile, host Saddleworth on Saturday in Division 4 East, then on Sunday go to Woodbank for a 2nd X1 Cup quarter-final.

And just to complete a busy weekend for the Club, the 3rd X1 have a game at Astley Bridge on Sunday.

HEYWOOD 1st X1 (v Clifton, away, Saturday, 1pm): T Townsend (capt), A Kerr, R Cross, D Pawson, J Morley, R Paterson, A Dawson, S Burrill, D Latham, M Grogan, T McQuinn.

HEYWOOD 2nd X1 (v Saddleworth, home, Saturday, 1.30pm): S Evans (capt), M Witts, R Bennett, K Cross, C Kaye, J Kaye, L Clarkson, C Booth, K Nugent, T Pagett, W Taylor. Res: J Keyworth.

HEYWOOD 1st X1 (v Glodwick, home, Sunday, 1st X1 Cup quarter-final, 1pm): T Townsend (capt), A Kerr, R Cross, D Pawson, R Paterson, A Dawson, S Burrill, M Grogan, M Witts, C Hilton, T McQuin.

HEYWOOD 2nd X1 (v Woodbank, away, Sunday, 2nd X1 Cup quarter-final, 1pm): S Evans (capt), J Mills, T Pagett, R Bennett, J O’Neill, L Clarkson, C Kaye, J Kaye, W Taylor, O Thomas, J Keyworth. Res: M Hood.

HEYWOOD 3rd X1 (v Astley Bridge, away, Sunday, 2pm): R Smethurst (capt), R Purser, M Hood, J Carter, L Forshaw, T Sullivan, H Crompton, C McNally, P Dawson, H Graham-Scott, H Moran. Res: D Fare.

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