Nov 102013

Massive thanks must go out to everyone who organised the fabulous Wood Cup winners’ dinner at Crimble this weekend.

A packed clubhouse were treated to reminiscences from former players and colourful recollections of all the club’s Wood Cup successes since 1970, on the back of this year’s success.

Among the former players to return to the club were the likes of Mike North, Ralph Farmer, Colin Lever, Colin Wroe, John Kaye and Alan Starmer, who were joined by a large number of members.

Excellent food was served in a jovial atmosphere, with superb compering from Dave Cross and Andy Hargreaves.

Huge thanks to all the Cross family and everyone else involved in a great night at the club.

There was also the chance to celebrate the Burton Cup winners of 2013.

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  2 Responses to “Superb Evening @ Wood Cup Winners’ Dinner”

  1. As I said on Facebook a great evening. It was fabulous to see the club so full. The idea was not particularly to make money but to celebrate Heywood Cricket Club, but it did make money for the club, not only the bar take but a substantial amount of cash was paid into the social fund. Well done everyone concerned.

  2. I’ll echo those sentiments Scoop!

    Its was a fantastic evening in the company of great people.

    Well done to Bobby and the other organisers. It was a night that will live long in the memory!

    PS – Big H and Dave made Ant & Dec look like amateurs!!

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