Jan 092018

Club members are asked to complete the following short survey to help the Committee identify areas of improvement to club facilities and policy.

We would be grateful if you would spend a couple of minutes to complete the survey.

Many thanks!



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  10 Responses to “Short Survey To Help Improve Your Club”

  1. Can not see the use of this to HCC.
    It looks similar to other online box ticking exercises put out by national sports & commercial organisations by JOBSWORTHS seeking to justify their pointless existence.

  2. I take it you didn’t fill it in then Colin?

  3. Is that the impression you got Rob? I was going to ask Colin to make himself a little clearer on what his views were!

  4. Agree with Colin, largely. But modern sport is about inclusivity, and quite rightly so, and the governing bodies need to ensure that everyone can access the game. However, a lot of mouths are being fed by the success of the national team and I do think a lot of people have to justify themselves. Has the game ever been stronger than it is? Well, yes, I think it has and selling the game for the highest price may have seen the introduction of loads of roles doing various levels of good, but it hasn’t increased participation unless you can afford to watch the game on pay-per-view. What would the ECB do if BT offered twice as much as Sky for rights? It isn’t going to happen, but one day Amazon, Google and Netflix might and then there’s further marginalisation. So, to attempt to be succinct, Colin’s right for me, too many people trying to justify their jobs.

  5. I take it you didn’t fill it in either then Scot?

  6. I am just setting up a survey to see whether club members approve of surveys

  7. If Bobby’s survey gives any indication that club members approve wholeheartedly of surveys, then I suggest that we issue a supplementary survey for those members who don’t approve of surveys. This survey would then show just why the members who don’t approve of surveys have an objection to them. This survey need only be completed by those members who don’t approve of surveys.

  8. As a further step, I think a further survey should be conducted for those who are not sure whether a survey is a good thing or not. As John Venn would say, a survey of the set ‘surveys are good’ intersection ‘surveys are bad’.
    As per Dave’s survey above, this survey would need to be completed by all the members of this set, which by it’s very membership, could create further chaos in the minds of these people.

  9. I don’t trust authority

  10. Hilts I think you have been in the corporate world too long, time to retire.

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