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Fence painting in 2012

Fence painting in 2012

HEYWOOD Cricket Club is appealing for people to rally round on Saturday, April 2, for an annual event which has become a vital part of the pre-season build-up.

The inaugural NatWest CricketForce day in 2012 saw an army of members and volunteers descend on Crimble to carry out vital work to the ground, surrounds and pavilion.

The occasion is now a traditional curtain-raiser to the new season, and this year comes a fortnight before the Club’s first game in the Greater Manchester Cricket League – at home to Glossop on April 16.

CricketForce will again be sponsored by NatWest and food will be provided for all volunteers, with work getting under way from 9am.

Chairman John Rhodes said: “This has become an important day in our calendar and the more people who turn up the less time the jobs will take.

“Numbers have understandably dwindled since that first CricketForce effort. Now we want to see Heywood Cricket Club again becoming a hive of activity on the day, with a feeling of community spirit, and help ensure that Crimble remains the envy of other clubs.

Scenes from 2012 NatWest Cricketforce

Scenes from 2012 NatWest Cricketforce

“We are hoping that members, supporters and families will make it not just a productive day but an enjoyable one. For example, youngsters helped whitewash the perimeter wall in no time back in 2012 and it would be excellent if something like that that could happen again.”

Other jobs on the agenda  include:

+ Painting sightscreens.

+ Staining fences around the patio and on Fox’s bank.

+ Staining picnic tables on the patio.

+ Painting bench supports around the ground.

+ Repairing potholes on the car park.

+ Power washing the plastic seats in front of club.

+ Rebuilding the covers.

+ Tidying the artificial nets and refixing the netting.

+ Weeding the flower bed near the gate.

+ Cleaning, painting and cementing the terracing in front of the club.

+ Cleaning and painting the changing rooms.

+ Removing benches and slats from storage and placing them around the ground.

+ Portacabin to be cleaned and painted.

The club will ensure that sufficient paint, woodstain, gloves and other tools are available on the day.


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  1. Hasn’t Rhodsie been staining the picnic benches for years :-)

  2. Evening all…Is there a link on the site anywhere for the upcoming season fixtures?
    Thanks in advance

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