Mar 182013
Planting at last year's event

Planting at last year’s event

The preparations for NatWest CricketForce 2013 continued last week with more hard work from the two Keith’s and various other supporters.

Janine Ferguson was down to replant all the hanging baskets at the front of the club in readiness for summer, and Nathan Goodall has repaired the window in the umpires room ahead of the planned improvements on the day itself.

The club has also obtained a set of smaller legs for the bowling machine to enable it to be used by juniors as well as seniors.

There are various materials needed for the day itself and by the club as it moves forward.

They include white emulsion for the sight screens, parts of the perimeter wall and bench ends which will all be painted on the day.

Also on the wish list are:

  •  Sand and cement
  •  Planings for the car park pot-holes
  •  Expanding foam
  •  Woodstain
  •  Mini rollers
  •  Plasterboard
  • New battery for the bowling machine (75amp leisure type battery)

Anyone who is able to donate or access any of these items please contact Bobby Cross, or 01706 623513.

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