May 142019

HEYWOOD have moved swiftly to take action against three of their senior players following on-field incidents at the end of the game against Swinton Moorside.

Cricket Chairman Roger Smethurst said: “Following the unacceptable situation at Swinton Moorside on Saturday the umpires advised Club officials that they would be reporting Sean Burrill for a Level 2 offence, and James Kettleborough and Mikey Grogan for Level 1 offences.

“At the outset of the season all club captains and officials were briefed by the League that clubs are expected to deal with unsatisfactory player behaviour.

“In light of Saturday’s events Heywood needed to act swiftly to minimise the damage to our reputation and to send a message to those involved that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

“With this in mind an emergency meeting was held at Crimble on Sunday night involving members of the Cricket and General Committees.

“Following this meeting it was decided that with immediate effect the following sanctions would be imposed :

+ Sean Burrill banned from playing for Heywood CC for four weeks.

+ Mikey Grogan and James Kettleborough banned from playing for Heywood CC for two weeks.

“The length of these ‘bans’ has been set in line with League guidelines.

“I am aware that since this incident those involved have expressed both remorse and regret for their actions. They have asked that I pass on their apologies to the members of the club.

“The length of the bans reflect the fact that these offences are out of character for the individuals concerned, but they also have to reflect how disappointed the club are that such a situation ever occurred in the first place.

“For the coming two weeks Bobby Cross has kindly offered to take over the captaincy of the first team to get us through this difficult period and try to get the first team back to winning ways and enjoying cricket.

“I’m grateful to him for this at a time when he personally has a lot going on in his own life.”

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