Mar 142013

WC19931062It was 20 years ago today (well, this year) that Heywood and pro Andy Flower won the Wood Cup at Crimble against Middleton.

In one of the greatest day’s in the club’s history, Crimble was awash with fans as Mark Wright and Dave Cross were at the crease to see Heywood to a memorable, two-wicket victory.

Bobby Cross provided us with these pictures, which have been a hit on Twitter and Facebook – with some non-too-flattering remarks.

Who can you name?


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  4 Responses to “Pictures Of Wood Cup 1993”

  1. Who can you name?

    Top photo: only three, D. Cross M. Wright and S. Kirby

    Middle photo: Sid, D. Cross (holding J. Cross in arms), J. Epis, A.Flower, (Andy Downham-Clarke head shot), A. Starmer, Irv, D. Kitchen, M. Wright, C. Kaye, V.D. Ball, D. Fare, J. Kaye and M. Caveney.

    Young girl front-left, G. Davies

    Bottom photo: Cross and Wright, a young B. Cross, Andy Ellis and Chris Jacques are the ones I recognize.

    The challenge has been set.

  2. Who is the chap in the cheeky winter sweater on the top pic that looks like a non-bald Dale Latham?

  3. I see Dave Cross in the top picture is looking for his bat which has fallen down a well. Either that or he’s having a chat with Colin Wroe

  4. By God its that long ago I actually had a waist(and a pony tail). Seem to recall that me and Andy Mav had consumed a copious amount of John Willies and the Crimble Mist may have descended. Think my dad still has one of the stumps that I may have borrowed.

    Spot a very young Bobby Cross, young Steven Kirby in the back too and a very large Andy Ellis

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