May 072015

Many members will be aware that there have been a multitude of discussions over the last few months regarding the future of league cricket in the area.

The Central Lancashire League is seeking to expand by a further six clubs to create two divisions of 12 teams in readiness for the 2016 season. A meeting for those clubs interested in joining the league will be held at Middleton CC on 18th May.

Similarly the Bolton League is seeking to expand and more recently the Lancashire League have indicated that they are likely to look to do the same, quite probably looking towards the 2018 season for that move.

And finally there is a prospectus that has been published by the steering group of a proposed Greater Manchester League that seeks to create a new pyramid structure that is open to applications again in readiness for 2016.

The purpose of the meeting is to allow the club to present all the known information to the membership and to offer all our members the opportunity to ask any questions or raise any concerns that they may have. By the end of the meeting the club hopes that our members will have all of the available information and that the club committee will have a feeling for the wishes and concerns of our members in this matter.

We urge all members to attend following junior training on the evening of Tuesday May 26th, the meeting will start at 8pm and run as long as necessary.

This is a huge issue for the future direction of our club and we look forward to ensuring that whatever decision taken by the committee is as informed and well considered as possible.

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  2 Responses to “Open Meeting To Discuss Future – Tuesday 26th May – 8pm”

  1. Prestwich CC have informed the Lancashire County League they have applied to join the
    proposed Greater Manchester League.

  2. I hope that, by now, most of our concerned members have seen the announcement re the meeting on the 26th of May. This is a chance for everyone to voice their opinion on the future of cricket at our club. No decision will be taken at the meeting but the alternatives will be explained in detail and hopefully a general feeling on how we should progress will be made. The committee have tried hard to let everyone know about the meeting, by notices in the club and dressing rooms, leaflets on the gate, social media and, of course, this website. Please come along and make your opinions known, we need all the information we can get to be able to progress the club forward.

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