Jan 222013
Travis Townsend

Travis Townsend in prime form at Middleton last season

Well, I’ve been waiting and waiting for the full CLL fixtures, which, unsurprisingly, are not on the CLL ‘website’ yet.

So what we do know is we are at Middleton (where Travis and Danny scored heavily in a big win last season) for the opening game of the 2013 season on Sunday 14 April.

We then play host to Milnrow the following week, the first of five times (at least) we face them this season.

I will post more fixtures when the CLL releases them.

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  One Response to “Away To Middleton, Home To Milnrow”

  1. The Lancashire, Bolton, Lancashire County and Saddleworth leagues have all published 2013 fixtures on their respective websites the failure of the CLL to do likewise reflects badly on the league as a whole.
    Other leagues have much more informative and professionally presented websites the CLL’s in comparison is rank amateurish and is in urgent need of re-design.
    I can see no reason why Heywood should not propose this to the league at the next meeting no doubt voices at the meeting will be raised regarding the cost however if other leagues can afford a decent website why not the CLL?
    The league urgently needs good publicity its no good relying on newspapers conveying league news to the public they are on the way out technology is rapidly taking over even the newspaper industry is facing up to the reality today you dont need to go to the papershop you can read the Times, Guardian. Telegraph, etc, online without getting out of bed.

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