Jan 132012

A bit of self-indulgence.

I’ve got some old cuttings from Vernon Connolly that I am putting online and the first one up is evidence that every now and again, I could bat.

Bear in mind, in those days I used to write the reports as well as play. My innings may not have been quite as good as I made out, although the facts are right!

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  2 Responses to “McHugh Leads Firsts To Improbable Victory Over Radcliffe (1997)”

  1. No suprise here that Roger was run out for 0, 14 years on nothing changes!

  2. It is said that the past is a guide to the future. Or present. Or what have you. Surprised you haven’t picked up on my description of your bowling, Former Chairman. ‘Accurate, if at times rather fortunate’. Never let it be said I shied away from the truth.

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