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Once again Mark Wright came up with the goods when it mattered.

Wrighty is a 30-year plus veteran of Heywood Cricket Club. He is second only behind Bobby Cross in the amount of runs scored for Heywood. He is also a cracking role model for anyone wanting to play cricket for Heywood.

As usual, Wrighty excelled himself on the final day of the season. He scored an excellent 31 as the twos gave Royton a thumping on Sunday, hopefully enough to make him play on next season.

He also orchestrated a cracking night out for the twos (and the odder hanger-onner) post match. Starting in the Pleasant Inn, young and old had a few Texes and Lexes before moving on to The Summit.

From there, we moved on to the Tandle Hill Tavern, another great location with cracking ale (Bumpy Road, anyone?). We enjoyed a great pie, chips and peas supper. But, more importantly, the twos showed the team spirit and unity that can and should make them a force to be reckoned with next season. How many teams would get together for a night out like this at the end of the season? Few.

The ale flowed, the banter was good and the odd one or two had a few more at the club before bed time drew us in.

Again, Wrighty, cheers for a great night. Those of you lucky enough to be going on the race trip are in for a treat, as Mark never fails to deliver a great early-morning boozer for breakfast. The Cat I’Th Well ranks among my favourite all time pubs.

Spot on!!!!

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  6 Responses to “Mark Wright = Legend”

  1. Yes what a fantastic way to end the season – an evening that those present will remember for a long time – an excellent time at the old faithfull Tandill Hill Tavern with a couple of intermediate improvised mini pit stops on route (walking – what was that all about!!!). The young ones certainly have a worthwhile tradition to maintain!
    Well done to Mark once again for organising the whole thing in true Mark fashion and thanks also to Kevin for baggage handling and transport management and Buzz and Wes for the financial management.
    Thanks to Scott also for coming along to record the whole day and hopefully a few more pics will be added to the site in due course.
    Seven times tables will be handed out to those that need them at the start of next season in preparation – you know who you are!

  2. Get your maths sorted
    1-2-3-4-5-6 buzz -8-9-10-11-12-13-buzz -14 – 15 -16 buzz – 18 – 19 – 20 – 21 never mind Wes.
    Thanks Scoop / Dave for the kind words – I know you and the lads enjoyed themselves and that’s all that matters.
    Roger the Sherriff – thanks for another year of thankless organising the team, both on and off the field – the lads appreciate your selfless work behind the scenes and masterminding yet another win. Need to buck up for the Subsid next year though.
    Ricky P – Thanks for being the same age as me & for the long lasting memory of you front crawling home without your bat on the ground to make an unlikely run 3 at Crimble.
    Mixed Grill – thanks for being the most sensible Dawson
    Simon – thanks for being you – somehow think the 7 times table is going to be a problem
    Buzz – thanks for reminding me that even talented youngsters can have a run of ducks!
    Mikey – Thanks for starting to bowl properly (at last ) and for winning buzz more often than anyone else
    Wes – thanks for showing the batsmen all season how to do it – but maybe not at Royton .
    Priceless non performance at Buzz in the Tandle Hill Tavern
    Hilts – thanks also for being the same age as me and trying unsuccessfully for twenty minutes to get me in the car on Sunday
    Tommy B – thanks for being an able partner in my last partnership – the mantle is yours son
    Boothy – thanks for being a revelation in the middle order – beats the time as opener when you
    were constantly mumbling ” Roger’s gonna drop me ”
    Dom – you missed a good night but you’ll be old enough next year!
    Shag – thanks for being a lot, lot older than me, and everyone else. You also missed the night out but there is no truth in the rumour that the youngsters were secretly pleased
    Scoop – thanks for being you – don’t ever change your philosophy on life – or your cap

  3. Mark – it took me another 20 minutes at the other end to get out of the car again – completely wedged in – shambolic – the whole thing resembled that Laurel and Hardy film when the two of them and a rather large lady tried to get in and out of a very small car – somebody was not amused!

  4. As you know i also missed the pi, sorry meal! on Sunday glad you all had a good time.
    Mark, we have played together for the best part of 32 years, some good and bad times on the field, but thats cricket. I know that you often been tempted by offers from Norden to pepper the calf corner boundary but your commitment to HCC is a credit to you and is appreciated by all.
    How i have put up with 32 years of you kicking the ball is beyond me.
    Never say never!

    Good to see that another left armer is going well, CK beware!

    Scoop- keep up the good work its great to have you back.


  5. Another season passes and Mark is still in the thick of things! It’s no surprise to see…
    I just wanted to reiterate what others have said, Mark has for many years organised truely brilliant end of season race trips which have brought many laughs to all who have attended. It amazes me still how on earth he comes across some of the pubs where we eat but that is only one of the reasons why his efforts must be applauded.

    Apart from the trips and more importantly Mark’s on the field contribution has been fab and a pleasure to watch (when he was in!), it doesnt seem 5 minutes ago when I started playing first team cricket when Mark, Shag and the evergreen CK were in the side and making a great effort in looking after me – something which I will always be thankful for.

    It’s good that the club recognises members which put in the extra effort!

    Looking forward to the trip next week, for those who haven’t been on before a brief run down on how the day will pan out……

    8am meet – Read the paers on the bus and pick your horses
    9am – Get to the first pub for breakfast and beverages – Tex is normally the favourite!
    11.30 – 12 – Set off for the course in time for the first race
    1.30pm – Mayhem begins, many are already drunk, lose money on betting and in some cases wet themselves.
    2pm – 5.30pm – is usually a blur!
    8pm – evening meal in another great out of the way pub
    11pm – coach home, sing song and general banter

    Next day is usually a write off!!

    Top effort Mark!!

  6. Further race trip details are as follows
    Breakfast – Masons Arms in Bishop Monkton.
    Fantastic pub in a quiet village just 4 miles from Ripon. There is a babbling brook running through the village and by the front of the pub and there are small groups of ducks dipping in and out of the water and lounging about on the grassy verges. Inside the olde worlde pub there are low ceilings and real ale on draft. Landlady by the name of Nicki will see to it that the Rugby match New Zealand v France will be on the TV for those that want to watch ( 9.30am kick off ). The comforting smell of bacon sizzling and toast lightly browning will waft in from the kitchen as we make our choice for the first drink of the day. Wooden tables shaded by umbrellas sit outside. Practically no vehicles to disturb the quietness.
    Evening Meal – Queens Head , Kettlesing
    Cosy country pub with surprisingly ample and enclosed patio area to the rear. Black sheep ale and guest beers. Landlady Louise will be toiling over the preparation of our 3 course menu whilst we make our way down the country lanes in our luxury coach. The sun will be setting as we regale in the tales of how different it might have been had horse number two not fallen over in the first.( good effort on the flat )
    The weather has been ordered – not too warm, 18 degrees, and no rain.
    Best day of the year – Can’t wait

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